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Proper cultivation of strawberries using Dutch technology all year round.

Dutch strawberry technology allows you to get harvest year-round. This is a profitable idea for a small business, but lately it has also interested those who grow strawberries in home gardens. It is important to consider all the details of the process.

The method of growing berries in the greenhouse all year round: the essence of the method

From the name it is clear that This method was invented and used in Holland..

This technology creates a certain microclimate in the greenhouse, which allows to minimize losses from the death and diseases of the plant. Seedlings also planted all year round.

The main difference from the standard method of breeding - the plant is used once, after fruiting, it is replaced by another. As a result, the owner of the greenhouse has a permanent crop and has no losses from dead plants.

The seedling should be planted constantly.only in this way can a continuous harvest be ensured. For the cultivation of all-season strawberries in greenhouses will need specialized equipment.

When choosing a grade is desirable to stop on the repair self-pollinated varieties. Primary seedlings can be purchased in special stores, then grow from a mustache. Seedlings are also grown from seeds, but this is a more labor-intensive process.

The method was invented and used in Holland, seedlings are planted all year round.

One of the features of the method is lack of fruit contact with the ground. Therefore, they do not spoil and do not get sick.

To save space, use a vertical landing. This helps to effectively use small areas for maximum profit.

Benefits have varieties: Selva, Maria, Baron, Gloom, Tribute, etc.

In addition to the obvious advantages in technology there are also difficulties:

  1. Providing a constant flow of planting material. Seedlings should be year round. It is profitable to grow it for small volumes of production, and to purchase it on an industrial scale.
  2. Lighting and indoor climate. Light day is artificially prolonged, and the temperature must be constantly comfortable.

Breeding strawberries according to Dutch technology step by step

First you need the equipment:

  1. Strawberry Growing Container. These can be plastic containers or ordinary flower pots. Also suitable special bags made of polyethylene with holes or pipes made of propylene. At home, you can do it yourself. Indoors, the boxes can be arranged in several tiers, as long as everyone has enough light.
  2. Irrigation system. The most commonly used drip irrigation and devices to provide humidity in the room.
  3. Lighting. The choice of artificial light must be approached carefully, it is the basis of success. This may be daylight or professional lamps.
Equipment required: planting container, irrigation and lighting system


For regular harvest light day is desirable to extend to 12-16 hours. In the summer there will be enough natural light, and in other seasons you will have to use artificial lighting.

Phytolamps are installed in the greenhouse, or as a more budgetary option - the usual, energy-saving.

Sometimes standard filament bulbs are used, but they are very expensive in terms of electricity payments.


For irrigation greenhouses watering is used, in which moisture does not fall on the ground parts of the plant. Therefore, they do not get sick, and water consumption is saved.

In the greenhouse is installed drip irrigation system. Equipment can be purchased in specialized stores.

For small production or for home beds, you can use plastic bottles in which there are tubes.

When adjusting the watering to achieve consumption 3-4 drops in one minute. Thus, it is possible to achieve a sufficient level of humidity.

Watering is required drip, you can use plastic bottles with tubes

Soil for seedlings

Simple land for this method of cultivation is not suitable. For the manufacture of the substrate will need perlite - this is a rock formation. It is mixed with peat.

The soil used is purified soil, preferably loamy and with a low degree of acidity, with admixture of river sand and compost. Plus a glass of ash and sawdust with urea.

Microclimate creation

The efficiency of the process depends on the overall climate that is created in the greenhouse. Ideal temperature for growth and fruiting - 18-25 degrees.

At temperatures below 12, the growth slows down and stops the formation of berries. Excessive heat is also not welcome.

In order to prevent the formation of fungi on the ground, it is necessary to control the humidity of the air and, if possible, ventilate the greenhouse. Spraying regularly.

Humidity is maintained in the region of 70-80%. To maintain the desired level of moisture is practically used tanks with water, placed at different corners of the greenhouse.

Humidity should be controlled, sprayed, aired greenhouse

Planting and care

Strawberries are planted in a staggered manner.. The distance between the plants is about 25 cm. If finished chilled seedlings are used in production, it must first be brought into a warm room.

Strawberries are planted at a slight angle.. The distance between the bushes can not be reduced, as the berry with frequent planting get small.

If the varieties do not self-pollinate, you need to install a couple of hives in the room where it grows. If this home production of pollination can be done by using, for example, fans, duque or brushes.

Plant care is not complicated. All that is required to maintain the humidity of the air and soil at the right level. Monitor the temperature.

Strawberries are planted staggered at a slight angle.

After harvest You can use the plant for seedlings. To do this, the resulting mustache rooted.

After this, the whiskers are carefully removed. Then sorted by the number of peduncles and fortress. And then sent to storage at a temperature of 0-2 degrees.

For permanent photosynthesis need to maintain carbon dioxide levels. This is done by burning candles.

Growing strawberries using the technique of the Netherlands is very effective and helps to get a harvest in a month.

With proper care and respect for all the nuances up to 50 kg of berries can be harvested from one square meter of greenhouse.