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What is strawberry seedlings by the method of free


Modern technology does not stand still. Freego method for growing strawberries confirms this.

Dutch experts have created a technology for growing berries of various varieties all year round. The frigo method is storing berries in the refrigerator under certain conditions and planting in open ground or a greenhouse at different times. The harvest period can be adjusted as desired.

The essence of free technology

Artificial conditions created for the rest of the strawberries, define the essence of the invention. As soon as the open dormant phase begins in the open ground, the bushes are dug out and transferred to a cold place. During the rest, the berry saves accumulated stocks for posterity.

Method effectiveness:

Strawberry frigo

If you meet all the requirements for digging in the fall and properly stored in the refrigerator, in the spring you can land in several stages. The method is effective in regions with a long fall and a long growing season.

As a result of such procedures, berry picking is regulated.

In greenhouses, strawberries can be grown year-round, the main thing is to withstand dormant time. In greenhouse conditions, frigo can be used after 5 weeks.

The effectiveness of the free method is confirmed by the positive points:

  • strawberries take root well after planting and quickly grows. This is due to the presence on the seedlings of only the root system and rudimentary leaves;
  • compactness of seedlings allows them to be transported over long distances;
  • during storage there are no violations of biorhythms of culture;
  • landing time is regulated. This makes it possible to avoid frost;
  • the culture tolerates drought easily.


  • expensive planting material;
  • strict storage requirements;
  • additional costs for refrigeration units;
  • not all regions may use the free method.

Strawberry classification

Planting strawberries by frigo

Strawberries according to the free method have 4 groups of class sizes according to the diameter of the neck, the number of peduncles:

  1. A + extra - expensive planting material. As for the seedlings, elite varieties are used, and the yield per hectare is 20 tons. The diameter of the neck of this class from 20 mm and above, one bush can form up to 5 peduncles. To get seedlings of this class, they grow it at school.
  2. A + - no less demanded group, as well preserved after long storage. Productivity - 10 tons per hectare. The neck in diameter is inferior in size to the elite class - 15-18 mm, peduncles 2-3 pieces. This group is used more often than others to bookmark later harvests.
  3. BUT - a group of this class is used mainly on small plantations, since it has only 2 flower stalks, but this year they get 150 g from a bush or 4 tons per hectare. The diameter of the shoot from 12 to 15 mm.
  4. AT - the group differs from all previous ones by the presence of one flower stalk and fruiting only in the second year. In the first year, the flower is removed. The diameter of the root of the neck 8-12 mm.

Harvesting seedlings for growing

Before getting seedlings worth planting uterine bushes. To do this, choose high-yielding varieties, for example, Khoneoye, Elsanta, Alba.

Algorithm of work:

  1. The soil for planting is sandy soil.
  2. As soon as the flower stalks appear, they are removed. The free method aims to ensure that the bush accumulates nutrients to the offspring.
  3. During the growing season, the berries are periodically fed.
  4. By the fall comes the phase of rest. This can be determined by the leaves - they acquire a brownish tint, and the roots have a brown color with a bright tip. Only with such parameters the bush is ready for digging up for storage.
  5. After digging, the bushes are shaken off the ground and transferred to a cool room.
  6. All specimens are free from leaves, except those at the growth point.
  7. Processing chemicals: Hom, Forte, Fundazol. This will prevent the bushes from diseases and rot.
Strawberry sprouts for planting by the method of free

Sorted seedlings by class.

Storage of seedlings and its preparation for planting in the spring

Seedlings tied in bunches of 50-100 pcs. and placed in plastic bags, 0.45 mm thick.

Do not move away from the thickness of cellophane in a big way. Seedlings will die.

The optimum storage temperature is 1.5 degrees C. Possible deviations of 0.5 degrees C are possible in one direction or another, but not more. Seedlings begin to wake up or freeze. Moisture save 90%.

Duration of storage of seedlings from 5 weeks to 9 months. If the seedlings are stored longer, the strawberries lose their yield.

Planting strawberries frigo in the ground

Before planting in the open ground, the soil is prepared in autumn. The site should be dug up and make organic. You can also plant a green manure, and in the spring plow the green mass. This method is relevant for poor soils.

Landing time is governed by the climatic conditions of the region, mainly May-June. The second planting should be done in 60 days, then the harvest will be continuous.

The direction of the rows should be south-west, on a straight or slightly sloping surface. For seedlings use high beds. Planting time of strawberries is better in the evening or in case of cloudy weather. The earth is well moistened.

Strawberry seedlings

Algorithm of work:

  1. Seedlings pull out of the refrigerator and awaken. For this purpose, containers with planting material are opened and poured with warm water.
It is impossible to subject saplings to a sharp temperature difference.
  • As soon as the strawberry has defrosted, it is sent to cold water for several hours to replenish moisture.
  • Pre-add any stimulant to water, for example, Zircon.
  • The root system is cut by 10 cm before planting. To speed up the process, a device is used that helps to deepen the root into the soil and at the same time cut it.
  • Within 15 minutes, seedlings should be planted after they are pulled out of the water.
  • When thickened plantings, the step between the bushes 15-20 cm, with ordinary - 30 cm
  • Spread the roots and place the socket above the ground level.
  • You can water and soil the soil; you can use black agrofibre with holes for the root system.

Continue daily irrigation for 10 days. Then, it is enough 1 time 5 days in the absence of rain.

Gardeners reviews

Gardeners share their experience about the frigo method:

Strawberry frigo grown on an industrial scale

Vladimir:I ordered strawberries frigo class B and was very disappointed, because the root system is weak. I do not advise you to take it, better yet class A.

Alexander:Tried to find in retail strawberry frigo, it was not so easy. Packages go on 2 000 saplings. I would like this product to be sold for summer residents, and not just for farmers.

Anatoly:I have been involved in strawberries for many years and now I decided to try growing strawberries freeze. Acquired seedlings of class A. The result is simply overwhelmed. The harvest was high compared to simple varieties, and most importantly, quickly.

Maria:Received Italian and Dutch supplies of strawberry seedlings frigo. In the process of growing Italian was much better.

Oleg Ivanovich:I bought strawberry frigo, class A. The seller advertised the products and said that I would collect 300 g from one bush, but I got 30. The summer was hot, maybe that's the reason. Landing made 16.05 13. The first harvest was gathered on the first of July. My opinion is that it is better to buy class B and grow it until next year.

The free method gave farmers a new look at the possibilities of growing strawberries. When from one hectare can be collected from 4 to 20 tons of berries. Depending on the seedling class.