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Detailed description and characteristics of potato varieties vinet


Variety Vineta for a short time managed to break the lead in cultivation. Potatoes are famous for early ripeness, yield, drought tolerance. Suitable for salads, when frying an appetizing golden crisp is formed, which is impossible to achieve when frying many types of potatoes. A description and detailed description of this variety is given below.

About Vineta

Consider a unique variety of potato Vineta unpretentious in growing and incredibly tasty.


  • Received widespread thanks to early ripeness, growing season is 70-75 days. After 40-45 days it is possible to harvest early harvest - young potatoes.
Vineta Potatoes
  • Good drought tolerancetherefore, with dry summer you should not worry about the harvest, the heat will not affect the development of tubers and yields.
  • Productivity is high. Up to 400 centners of potatoes are harvested from 1 ha..
  • Well kept longevity is 90%. Few varieties can boast such results.
  • Tastes excellent. Suitable for frying and cooking salads.
  • It has a beautiful yellow color of pulp.which remains even at heat treatment and average friability when cooking.
  • Is unpretentious and grows on any soil.
  • Well tolerated transportation, as it has resistance to mechanical damage.


The bush is formed upright, large, can reach a height of 7 cm. A slight waviness is present on the green leaves. Small flowers with snow-white corollas are formed during the period of mass flowering.

Vineta potatoes have sprawling bushes with small white flower corolla

Tubers can range from light brown to yellow. The skin is slightly darker than the pulp in color, with a barely visible mesh. Tubers are oval or round in shape. Potato mass from 75 to 130 grams, but there are also champions who have reached a mass of 400 grams.

The eyes are almost invisible, there are no flaws on the tubers, the presentation is excellent. The starch content is 13-15%.

History of

Vineta was launched in Germany at the end of the 20th century.. Breeders tried to bring out immune to disease and at the same time tasty variety that does not require care. This is how the variety Vineta appeared, which became a real gift for gardeners.

Growing Vineta Potatoes

Before planting, it is important to choose a plot suitable for growing potatoes. Veneta is not a whimsical variety., but has some features when growing.

Growing up

You can start planting in early spring, in late April - early May. To properly plant potatoes, you must follow the following steps.:

  • 1-2 weeks before planting the tubers need located in a cool and bright place for germination
For a good harvest, you should choose varietal tubers, the weight of which is not less than 35 and not more than 85 g
  • Select tubers with powerful sproutsthe height of the germ should be about 1-2 cm
  • Planting material neatly laid out in the depth of 7-10 cm
  • Fall asleep ground so as not to damage the fragile shoots
  • Before germinationno need to water
The variety does not like overmoistening, clay soils are not the best option for growing Vineta.

Before emergence of shoots get rid of weeds and loosen the soil. Loosening contributes to the saturation of the root system with oxygen.

One and a half months after planting, Vineta's potatoes must be spud

As soon as the first shoots appear, hilling is necessary. Sprouts completely covered with earth. The process of hilling spend 2 times. The second time the plant reaches a height of 15 cm.

Watering the plant is not necessary. If it’s already a dry summer, you can shed between the rows.


Potato harvesting is done after full maturation of tubers, as evidenced by the yellowing and lodging of potato tops

Harvesting begins 70-75 days after planting., but you can try new potatoes after 45 days. When the tubers are ripe, start harvesting. Yellowed tops say that it is time to harvest.


After harvesting, the tubers must be laid out in a well-ventilated room at a temperature not lower than +15 degrees. When the potatoes dry out, laid out in boxes, bags, nets.

Vineta kept excellent. An ordinary cellar will be suitable for storage, as long as it is dry and cool.

Diseases and pests

Like the rest of the potato varieties, Vineta is affected by the Colorado potato beetle.. Spraying the tops with Decis, Phosbecid will help in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle.

Disease of phytophthora negatively affects yieldthat affects the tops and tubers. For the prevention of using the drug Acrobat. Sprayed when the bush reaches a height of 15 cm.


Potato Vineta unpretentious in the care, early, high-yielding. The pleasant yellow flesh of the potato looks beautiful and is preserved when cooked.It is used to make french fries, as it perfectly retains its color, shape, does not crumble. Variety Vineta rightfully earned popularity.