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Characteristics and description of the variety of potato bellaroza


Potatoes bred by Germany breeders. The variety of Bellarosa was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2006. He is advised to grow in the Central Black Earth region. But in Russia, cultivated varieties everywhere.

general information


Tubers are large, their weight is 115-125 grams, but according to their characteristics, potatoes weighing up to 800 grams can grow. In potatoes, 12.7-15.8% starch. On average, you can collect 25-35 tons per hectare. But you can collect and higher - 40 tons per hectare. Up to 93% of harvested potatoes have a presentation.

Tasting taste score - 5 points out of 5.


Shrubs in height 50-80 cm. The roots are recessed into the ground by 20 cm. Flowers of blue-violet hue. The shape of the tubers is round and oval. The rind is thick, slightly rough to the touch, from pale pink to scarlet.

The tuber has small eyes, there are few of them, and they are not deep. Pulp is dense, creamy-yellow, when cooked does not become dark, tastes sweetish.

The flesh of the potato is creamy yellow


  1. Pulp moderately boiled softtherefore mashed potatoes are cooked from the tubers or fried.
  2. Due to the excellent precocity in the south, they have time to plant the tubers twice and reap the harvest. The first time is planted in May, and the bushes are dug out at the end of June. The second time planted potatoes in early July, and harvested in early September.
  3. Yield as described very big.
  4. The variety is drought tolerant.
  5. Potatoes have great taste.
  6. Well preserved, presentation in 99% of potatoes; safety - up to 93%.
  7. This variety is resistant to cancer, rhizoctonia, scab, nematode, viruses Y and A.
  8. Tubers difficult to damage mechanicallytoo tight.

How to grow potatoes

How to prepare the soil

Pick a place lit by the sun. Potatoes should not be grown on the same plot for 2 years in a row. Cabbage, cucumbers, greens, and beets should grow on the plot.

White Dew Grade Plant in any land, except for clay soil, it is too dense, because of this it grows shallow and its taste deteriorates.

Landing is possible in any land except clay.

In the fall, humus is scattered over the plot at a rate of 5–9 kg per 1 m², then the land is dug to a depth of 30 cm. For this variety, 50 g of dolomite flour per 1 m² is poured.

Spring land dig again.

Step by step process of growing

  1. Before planting the tubers poured into shallow boxes in 1-2 layers. The boxes are exposed to the sun at an air temperature of +15 degrees. Then the tubers grow eyes, and they themselves turn green.
  2. Digging holes to a depth of 8-10 cm. Observe the distance between the holes of 40 cm, and between the rows indent 80 cm. Straight into the holes pour a little ash and humus.
  3. After they put the tubers in them. And fall asleep them ground.

Growing a variety of seeds

Selection potatoes retain their varietal characteristics for up to 5 generations, and after they need to be changed. Therefore, you can plant seeds by buying them or collecting.

Put the substrate in the boxes of 80% peat and 20% of leafy soil. In late March, sow the seeds in them. Between each seed is indented 5 cm, and between the rows - 10 cm. Scatter the seeds over the surface, and then dust it on top with 5 mm of sand.

Bellarosa Seeds

After 2-3 weeks, 2-3 true leaves will appear on the sprouts and they swoop into peat pots.

In mid-May, the seedlings will land on the dacha to a depth of 10 cm. In the first year, up to 1 kg of tubers are collected from one bush, much smaller than usual size. Then they are planted the next year again. And after 5 years, the planting material is again updated in the same way.

Fight against diseases and pests

Potatoes has immunity to all diseases. When the Colorado potato beetle appears, the bushes are sprayed with Boverin, Fitoverm, Agrovertin.

The drug Taboo treated from the Colorado potato beetle, aphid, wireworm, tsikadok.

The drug Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle

Tips and secrets

Variety of potatoes Bella Rose precociousIt takes 65 days from planting to digging potatoes. And partially dig up the bushes can be already in 45 days. Water the potatoes only if they are planted in arid areas.

Remove weeds. After 1-2 weeks, when sprouts appear, loosen the ground, but not deeply. Loosen the soil 2 more times.

A week before the harvest, it is recommended to mow the tops. Then the potatoes will ripen faster, it will be better stored.

After harvesting, the tubers are put in drying boxes, where they dry for 7-9 days.

Store potatoes in a dry and cool place at an air temperature of +10 degrees.

Gardeners reviews

Tatyana, Ukraine, Ovidiopol

The skin of the tubers is pale pink, when the tubers are young, it is perfectly peeled off. I like to mash it, it is not watery, it is easy to beat.

The bushes do not get sick, they do not need to be watered abundantly, they stand the heat and drought perfectly. Potatoes grow very quickly.

Sergey, Belarus, Minsk

This is the best superearly variety, unpretentious care. Tubers are large with minimal maintenance. If desired, you can have 2 crops in one summer.

Bellarosa potato is a super early variety with excellent tuber flavor. It is easy to care for planted potatoes, it is resistant to diseases, it is stored for a long time.