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Recipes wine from Lydia grapes at home

It is believed that growing grapes in the garden plot is difficult. This opinion concerns exclusively exquisite varieties, while Lydia grapes are unpretentious and gives a good harvest. Homemade wine from this variety is highly appreciated for its excellent taste. Special skills for the preparation of solar drink is not required. Thanks to the material presented below, it will be easy to do this correctly at home.

The benefits and harm of Lydia grapes

For vintage used different grape varieties: Isabella, Cabernet, Taifi, and others. According to the experience of domestic winemakers, Lydia has the necessary qualities for the production of dessert, semi-sweet or fortified homemade wine. The drink will not have exquisite notes, as it turns out with a rather pronounced, sharp smell, which, by the way, has a lot to its liking. The taste of homemade wine is sweet and sour. Why choose this variety for winemaking:

The maturity of this variety falls in the middle of autumn. You need to harvest when dry, there should be no moisture and dew drops on the berries. To make quality nectar, it is recommended to wait for full maturity, then the berries will be red, juicy and sugary. Immediately before processing, the raw materials for the beverage are sorted out, graded damaged and unripe fruits.

Alcohol containing drinks from homemade grapes at all times in demand. Each winemaker has a different taste of wine - It depends on the place of growing of grapes, recipe and technology. Using the options below, you can make an excellent quality alcoholic product with an excellent finish at home with your own hands.

Classic Homemade Wine Drink

The recipe provides only two main components:

  • grapes - 30 kg;
  • sugar - 9 kg.
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далее сырье давят, сок сливают в емкость, куда добавляют винные дрожжи. их количество зависит от рецептуры производителя.  поместить емкости в теплое место, как только дрожжи начнут бродить - высыпать сахар. обычно этот процесс занимает 2-3 дня. установить водяной затвор и отправить в темное место до окончания брожения на 40-50 дней.

вино, приготовленное в домашних условиях из лидии, многие считают напитком истинных гурманов. благодаря полезной подборке и опыту виноделов приготовить его может каждый, у кого есть желание. путем проб и последующих дегустаций, можно приготовить изумительное по вкусу вино.