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Detailed description of the cherry variety Wonderful Cherry

Loved by many gardeners hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry - Duke or Wonderful Cherry, was obtained through the works of the famous Ukrainian breeder Liliya Taranenko. Everyone knows that hybrid varieties have all the best qualities of their "parents". This article provides a detailed description of all the positive qualities of the miracle cherry, discusses the difficulties and issues that may arise from gardeners who decide to grow this tree.

In Russia, the Duke appeared thanks to the work of I. V Michurin. For a hybrid, the scientist crossed Belle's cherry with the White Winkler cherries. The derived hybrid was named the Beauty of the North due to the fact that it had good frost resistance.

The derived plant was going to be grown in Western Siberia. However, during attempts at cultivation, it turned out that flower buds are not able to endure the Siberian frosts, as a result of which the plant formed a crop in meager amounts.

To date, many different varieties of cherry and sweet cherry hybrids have been bred, intended for planting in all Russian regions, giving abundant crops and resistant to strong frosts. Among them, the most popular are the dukes: Beauty of the North, Nochka, Ivanovna, Kharitonovskaya, Rusinka, Miracle Cherry, Lyubskaya, Turgenevskaya, Spartanka, Volochaevskaya and others. Duke cherries and cherries Wonderful Cherry is one of the most popular varieties, bred for planting in the southern regions and suburbs.

Description of the hybrid cherry and sweet cherry Duc variety

Miracle cherry - the result of the breeding of two or more plants, beloved by many gardeners for their excellent taste.

Wonderful cherry or Duke cherry

The main features of Wonderful Cherries are:

  1. Large foliagereminds leaves of cherry.
  2. Shoots massive, straight, they are covered with a smooth and smooth dark brown bark.
  3. Kidney massive and dense, more like a cherry than a cherry.
  4. Crown and type of branching exactly resembling the crown of a sweet cherry.
  5. Wonderful cherry tends to plant flower buds during a one-year increase, which results in early fruiting.
  6. This variety has incorporated all the best from the "progenitors", Cherry has good winter hardinessand resistance to many diseases. Thanks to these qualities, Miracle Cherry can be successfully grown in cold regions characterized by frequent disease outbreaks.

Plant has good resistance to fungal infections. Including monilliosis and coccomycosis. In addition, the miracle of the cherry is almost not affected by the defeat of the cherry fly.

Fruiting Wonderful cherries, pollinators

After establishing a stable warm weather begins the flowering period. Flowers on short stems, collected in brushes of 4-9 pieces. The flowers of this variety are quite massive compared to the flowers of ordinary cherry.

Flowers Duc Hybrid Cherry

Fruiting occurs on the bouquet sprigs - shortened fruit formations (0.5-5 cm) which are located at the top. These formations consist of a group of buds, lateral generative (fruit) and terminal vegetative (growth).

The fruits of the miracle cherry are large, their weight reaches 10 gr., Flat-rounded, dark red in color. The taste is sweet, the flesh has a pronounced aroma of the best fruits of sweet cherry, notes of cherry aroma are also traced.

Wonderful cherry is skoroplodna, on two-year-old saplings there is a tie of individual fruits, cherry fully begins to bear fruit from the 4th year. Since the fourth year, cherry fruit steadily every code.

Wonderful cherry - samobozplodnaya. To get a good harvest from her, you need to correctly select cross-fertilization.

Not every variety of sweet cherry can become a pollinator of this variety. Suitable varieties: Donchanka, Sister, Annushka and others. Unsuitable: Chkalov, Valeria, Drogana yellow, Large-fruited. Miracle Cherry itself is not able to be a pollinator.

Selection of seedlings

For planting Duke cherries, it is necessary to acquire high-quality planting material. The seedling is best purchased at the store of this orientation.. Since such factors as the absence of foliage on the annual seedlings and the presence of buds similar to sweet cherries, this is often misled as a hybrid. Thus, you can buy a regular cherry, and not Duke. The main signs of miracle cherry are dense foliage and fruit.

The Wonderful Cherry seedling should have a well-developed root system.

It is worthwhile to focus on a plant with a strong and developed root system, in addition, it must be large, uniform in color, free from damage and other defects. A good tree defines a smooth trunk, foliage without signs of disease and other lesions.. The correct seedling can be recognized by the height of the main shoot 60cm and 1/3 shortened branches.


Cultivation of the Miracle Cherry should be done on fertile, slightly acidic soil. The tree must have access to sunlight, as well as it must be protected from the winds.Duke cherries will grow poorly in the lowlands because moisture accumulates there in summer and cold in winter. Before planting, special attention should be paid to the choice of a sapling, since this will largely depend on the durability and yield of the Duke.

The main rules of landing include:

  1. Choosing a place. Before landing you need to choose a place. The main criteria for an ideal location: good access to light, no winds.
  2. Preparation of the hole. It should be carried out at least one month prior to disembarkation, the well should be filled with organic fertile soil enriched with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. In case of increased acidity of the soil it is necessary to apply lime fertilizer.
  3. Observance of the distance. Seedlings should be at a distance of five meters from each other, the tree has a rather large size, as a result of which it can suffer from close proximity, and this will cause development problems and will have a negative impact on productivity.
When planting Duke cherries, you need to keep a distance between the trees.
  1. Root system. During planting, you need to straighten the root system of the plant, and do not forget that the root neck should be on the surface.
  2. Shaping. Formation after planting is carried out by pruning, leaving 60cm of the central shoot, side shoots need to be shortened by one third.
For regular quality and abundant fruiting Duke cherries certain conditions are necessary.

First of all, should respect the measure of fertilizer This variety is because an excess of nutrients can provoke a strong growth of the tree which will negatively affect the yield. Do not neglect watering, especially for young saplings, irrigation measures should be abundant and frequent. In winter, it is necessary to protect the tree from cold weather and rodents. by wrapping with sacking.

How to care for such a hybrid

Gardeners who decide to plant Duke should carefully consider the issue of site selection. Proper tree development will occur in places protected from winds and having good access to light.
  1. Top-dressings with nitrogen-containing fertilizers should be carried out with extreme caution, since they can provoke active growth of the above-ground part of the cherry, which will adversely affect the formation of fruits.
  2. Abundant and regular watering great value in growing this variety. Weekly watering should be carried out during the first two months after disembarkation.
After planting Wonderful Cherry seedlings require abundant watering
  1. On watering one seedling should leave about 20 liters. water.
  2. Wonderful Cherry does not belong to capricious trees, it is not inclined to various diseases, but pest protection prevention will never be superfluous.
  3. Miracle Cherry is sensitive to cold, as a result, in the winter may occur freezing of flower buds. Therefore, in the period of cold weather it is necessary to warm.

Tree formation

Of course, to get a big harvest you need to properly form a tree.It is guaranteed to receive a large number of fruits from the 1st tree if the following rules of formation are observed:

  1. Need to commit regular pruning of young shoots on 1/3, thickened crown cut on the ring.
  2. Duke cherry has a tendency to stretch upwards. To slow growth, gardeners need to push the branches to a horizontal position., to give a cherry hemispherical type of crown, which will help slow growth.
  3. Successful pollination it is possible only in the event that next to the cherry variety Duke will be a sweet cherry. This will ensure high yields.
For successful pollination of Wonderful Cherry, the presence of sweet cherry is necessary


Many gardeners consider miracle cherries to be the best variety due to its taste. Adhering to the advice of professionals, you can easily grow a miracle cherry on your site, and proper care will help to achieve high yields, and after a couple of years you can enjoy high-quality fruits. This culture is highly appreciated by experienced gardeners, and therefore has only positive feedback.