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Overview of devices for quick cleaning and slicing apples into slices

Apple tree is one of the most unpretentious trees, and its fruits are the most common fruits in our country. They are eaten raw, they are made from drinks and used in cooking. Apples - a hypoallergenic product containing a large amount of vitamins, manganese, potassium, irontherefore, their benefits are indisputable. This article provides an overview of the devices and devices for cleaning and cutting apples, as well as tips for processing apples after cutting, so that they do not darken.

Apples for cutting and cleaning apples

For cleaning and slicing apples, many tools have been invented that help save time and effort on these processes.

Cleaning and cutting machine

This device will clean the skin of the fruit in a few moments and cut it with a thin neat spiral.

Machine for cleaning and cutting apples

With the help of a powerful sucker, this machine is mounted on the table or the working surface of the kitchen. With a little effort, an apple is put on a special pin. And it remains only to turn the handle - the fruit will not only be cleaned and cut, but the core will be ejected. If you want to get apple slices, then the resulting spiral is easy to cut into them.

Set of apple and apple cutters

Another device that facilitates the processing of apples is a set of apple peeling and apple cutting:

Set: apple and apple cutter

If you need peeled apple slices to make a cake or apple casserole, then this is simply an irreplaceable thing on the farm. First you need to put the apple on the pin and, turning the knob, the peel will be cleaned.. Then the fruit must be cut with an apple cutter - you will get 8 identical slices and at the same time the core is removed.

Knives for slicing apples into slices

This device is present in almost every home. They differ in the shape of the handles and the number of slices into which the fruit is cut. On the shelves of shops, such devices are found in a round shape, in the shape of apples, but they are all made of durable plastic, and sharp knives - of cast aluminum. Colors of plastic can be any, so you can easily pick up such a knife in the color of the kitchen. The number of slices varies from 8 to 12, accordingly, the more slices, the thinner they are.

Vegetable cutters with double-sided knives

It is convenient to peel apples with ordinary vegetable cutters. Reversible stainless steel knives, fixed or floating. Their handles are made of wood, steel or colored plastic.

Of course, you can peel and cut the apples with ordinary kitchen knives, but this will take a lot of time. therefore highlight the following advantages of special devices for this:

  • Much reduced time to process this product. This is especially necessary in families with small children, because peeled fruit is needed to make fruit puree;
  • Machines and knives for apples compact and do not take up much space in the kitchen - it is convenient to store them in the kitchen cupboard or on the shelf;
  • Apple cleaning machines are versatile - they can peel potatoes and other hard vegetables that are similar in size;
Cleaning and slicing an apple with a typewriter
  • These gadgets will become Great gift for any hostess;
  • Tools equipped with stainless steel knivestherefore they will last for decades;
  • Apple cutting and cleaning machines are equipped with suction cups. - they will not slide on the working surface. And the apples themselves are firmly fixed on them with the help of pins;
  • With the help of apple cutters you get neat slicesequal in size, which is useful in making pies;
  • When using these tools apples do not lose a lot of juice;
  • All constructions comfortable and absolutely safe - you can not be afraid to cut yourself in the process of working with them.

What to do to grate the apple does not darken

Cut or grated apples darken quickly

A freshly cut apple in half or slices quickly darkens due to the reaction of the enzyme contained in them with oxygen in the air. There are more than a dozen simple ways to help avoid oxidation. Here are some of them:

  1. On the sliced ​​apples you need apply lemon juice or soak them in a container with water and lemon juice for a few minutes (1 tbsp. lemon juice / 1 cup of water). Then drain and rinse.
  2. Instead of lemon is allowed to use orange juice or lime juice.
  3. Soak the apples in a salty solution - Per liter of water, half a teaspoon of salt. Let the apples stand for 5 minutes, then rinse.
If the proportions are used correctly and the fruit is not kept in solution, they will retain their taste and will not become salty.
  1. Apples soaked in soda with lemon flavor. If you want them to acquire an additional flavor, you do not need to rinse.
  2. Use fruit freshener - also a great way to protect apples from browning. This powder consists of ascorbic and citric acid. It is enough just to sprinkle the powder on the apples and mix so that it is evenly distributed.
  3. Blanching - This is a method suitable for apples, which will then be used for cooking, since after blanching the fruit pulp softens. This method involves cooking the apple slices for 3-4 minutes, so the reaction of the malic enzyme with oxygen stops.
Blanching apples
  1. Wrapping apple slices in cling film, you can save them from oxidation. However, this method is not very convenient and effective, because it is necessary to achieve a complete absence of air under the film. And this is quite difficult to do. And each piece should be wrapped separately, so the process will take a lot of time.
  2. A sliced ​​apple shrinks off the usual clerical erasernd, restoring it in its original form. So the cut areas will not be in contact with air and oxidize.
All these methods protect the cut of the apple from darkening for only 5-7 hours. After a time, the oxidation process will begin again.

It is also proven that the rate of oxidation of apples depends on their variety and on the knife blade. If the knife is old, it will leave salt on the cut of the fruit, which accelerate the oxidation process. Already sliced ​​apples are best kept in the refrigerator - so they will keep fresh longer.

Despite all the benefits of apples and their easy accessibility, we must not forget that it is not recommended to use them in large quantities for people with an ulcer or gastritis. Due to the high iodine content, they do not recommend eating more than 5 apples per day.