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How to make white grape wine at home


Wine from green grapes has a pleasant taste, light aroma. It can be dry, semi-dry or dessert varieties. In addition to the delicacy and lightness of this intoxicating drink has a lot of useful properties. How to make a white wine at home, we will explain further in step by step instructions.

Which grape is suitable for making white wine

Almost all known white grapes are suitable for making light wine. A distinctive feature are only the taste, color and aroma. Berries at the time of collection should be well ripened. Even their easy ripening is allowed. During this period they will have a maximum concentration of sugars and a minimum of acids. The drink will be soft, but at the same time saturated.

Harvest should be only in sunny weather in the afternoon. Otherwise, the concentration of yeast mushrooms on the berries will not be necessary and the product will not play.

From the harvested grapes remove the berries of poor quality, which can significantly spoil the future taste of the finished wine. They may cause unwanted bitterness.

White grapes have the ability to quickly rot, so you need to prepare a drink from freshly picked material. Capacities where fermentation will take place, it is necessary to process boiling water. This procedure helps to get rid of third-party microbes that can affect the process of making wine.

Not the last role is played by the variety of grapes from which to produce the intoxicating drink. The fruit should not only be juicy, but also have a high content of sugars and minimal acidity. Better than others meet these requirements:

  • Bianca;
  • Aligote;
  • Sauvignon;
  • Riesling;
  • Viorica;
  • Feteasca and others.

When using these varieties it is possible to apply the classic technology of winemaking and at the same time get a drink with excellent taste.

Aligote grapes suitable for making white wine

How to make a bright wine at home

Making grape hop drink begins with the collection. It is recommended to harvest white grapes intended for making wine in overripe condition. The only exception is the southern regions, where it is better to pick the berries immature. In this case, the finished drink will be strong, aromatic and with a pleasant mild flavor.

The collection is carried out necessarily in clear and sunny weather. If it rains for a long time, then you need to give out a few days after they are finished so that enough yeast is formed on the berries again.

Grape harvest must be carried out in sunny weather.

Juice for making wine

It can be done in this way:

  • sort the fruit and discard spoiled;
  • unwashed berries, with a rolling pin or other suitable object;
  • Do not remove the bones.

As a result of these actions, we get the so-called wort. In the process of fermentation, you can optionally add sugar.

The proportion of sugar added during fermentation should not exceed 27% of the total volume of the obtained wort.
Getting juice from grapes


The resulting juice is kept for 12 hours and allowed to settle the smallest particles. Next, pour the clean liquid with a hose into a clean container. To prevent the development of diseases and improve the quality of wine, it is recommended to add up to 1 gram of sulfur dioxide per 10 liters of ready juice to the wort. Sulfation is not a compulsory procedure, because at home, production volumes are usually insignificant.

Fermentation of grapes

White wine ferments at constant room temperature. As in the production of the drink from the blue varieties, it is necessary to put a water seal on the tank and with its help monitor the fermentation process. It is important that souring does not occur. If there is a cessation of processes, then you need to add raisins or leaven.

Yeast is able to process sugar for a couple of months, resulting in a dry wine. To obtain semi-sweet varieties, one should forcibly interrupt fermentation by changing the temperature or by carrying out sulfation.

Drain juice in production conditions


The resulting young drink should be taken out in a cool room and kept for a couple of weeks. During this time, the remains of yeast will settle. Then again pour the drink into a clean container, and get rid of the settled sediment. Store the product in a cool dark place. As a result, sediment will gradually accumulate, and the wine itself is thus clarified. It is necessary from time to time to merge and separate from the thick. Conduct such a procedure throughout the year.

Dry white wine is consumed in the first few months after ripening. But strong varieties can be kept for a very long time (for 12-15 years). In this case, the bottles must be in a horizontal position.
Extract of wine should be in a dark and cool room.

The secret way to make a wine drink

There is another original way to make wine from white grapes. Its distinctive feature is that the berries are pre-frozen. This contributes to the change of some qualities of raw materials, which in the future favorably affect the taste of the drink.

After freezing, the grapes should be put in a bowl, allowed to defrost, and then squeeze the juice. Further cooking technology will be standard. Only here at the final stage you will need to add sugar. This is done when the product has already won back and is ready for the next spill.

Keep the obtained white wine should be in a well-ventilated humid room with constant low temperatures. In such conditions, cork on the dishes will not dry up. Also, they will not be susceptible to oxidation due to contact with alcohol.

Making wine from white grapes at home - a very troublesome, time-consuming and patience. However, the result itself is entirely justified. The product is not only incredibly tasty, fragrant and transparent, but also natural.

The last factor in our time is very significant. After all, the products that are sold on store shelves are not always usable. Often it can cause significant harm to health. But homemade natural wine on the contrary, is very useful for the human body. In addition, it is even recommended by doctors for diet. And, as you can see, cooking it is quite simple. And what kind of variety you choose for this is the tenth case!