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Instructions for use of the drug previkur energy

Previkur Energy - a drug that is used to treat various crops in order to combat the spread of fungal diseases and bacterial infections. It can be applied at all stages of vegetative growth of a plant: both during planting and during growth. These activities contribute to an increase in yield.

Means description

This tool is manufactured by the German company Bayer Garden and it consists of two components, propamacarb hydrochloride and fosethyl aluminum. Characterized by this drug as a means of controlling phytopathogens in the soil. He also fights with the causative agent of fungal diseases - oomycetes.

The form of release is a concentrated liquid in containers from 10 ml to 1 liter. Content: propamocarb-530 grams per liter, fosethyl-310 grams per liter.

This tool can be used for direct processing of the stem and leaves, with drip irrigation of cucumbers, as well as for processing the place of emergence of the trunk from the ground.

Bottle of Previcur Energy Drug

Impact mechanisms

The drug acts on the cell membrane of fungi, preventing their formation, significantly slows the growth of mycelium and destroys spores. In addition, the tool stimulates the immunity of planting against bacteria and fungi, helps strengthen the root, stems and leaves.

The tool is able to spread and move in all directions within the plant, thanks to this it is fully saturated and the plant organism becomes able to resist fungal and bacterial diseases. Within one hour, the drug goes to all parts and provides protection for two weeks.

The presence of resistance or addiction to this drug is practically not observedThis is due to the fact that it affects fungal cells in different ways by inhibiting metabolic processes in them, and the plants themselves are subject to action depending on the presence of metabolic processes in them.

Processing features

When starting processing, you should follow the instructions from the manufacturer of this drug, it includes.

  1. The soil and air humidity are taken into account.
  2. Climatic conditions.
  3. Used concentration means.
  4. The extent to which the planted cultures are infected.
Dilution of pre-energy energy in water

Processing methods

The first treatment takes place immediately after the introduction of seeds into the soil. In this situation, the drug is watered. The second time processing is carried out when transplanting plants to the site. This helps to strengthen the seedlings and increases its resistance to infection. Then after seven days you can re-process it.

All subsequent processing should be done after fourteen days, while the solution irrigates the soil at the site of the root system development. In a situation when places appear on the plant, they can be directly treated with the fungus by a fungal infection.

The drug must be mixed with water in the proportion specified by the manufacturer. The most commonly used: fungicide - ten milliliters, water - six liters.

Remember that this tool is best used in wet soil, so it is well absorbed and reaches the roots of the plant faster.
Spraying of plants with a pre-energy energy product

Instructions for use for cucumbers and other crops

This tool can be used for various plants:

  1. Vegetable crops: tomato, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and others. The working solution is prepared in the following proportions; thirty milliliters of Pre-Quality Energy should be added to twenty liters of water. Processing with this solution should be done after the seeds have been planted, then after two weeks we water the seedlings, and after planting we re-process them. During the growth of plants produce about six irrigations with the drug every two weeks.
  2. Potatoes. The solution will be more concentrated in ten liters of water, add fifty milliliters of the drug. Plants are sprayed every twelve days. It is noticed that a certain number of potato varieties exhibit intolerance to the drug, this is manifested in the appearance of spots and death of leaves. How to deal in such a situation, it is best to check the sensitivity of the potatoes in your area on a single bush, for this you need to process it. And after a few days to explore, if there are no visible changes, then this tool can be applied on your site.
  3. Indoor plants and flowers. The solution is prepared at the rate of six milliliters of money per four liters of water. As a preventive measure and for treatment, they irrigate the soil around the plants; this must be done before the symptoms of the disease disappear.

Security measures when working with Previkur Energy

As you know, all chemically active substances are divided into classes. This substance belongs to the 3rd class, therefore when working with it it is important to adhere to the following rules: when working, use a respirator, rubber gloves, overalls, boots and goggles.

You should also avoid contact with the solution on the skin and mucous membranes. Inhalation of vapors of the drug can cause chemical poisoning and burns of the upper respiratory tract. When using this substance on an industrial scale, it is important to consider adjacent areas.

1 liter bottle of previcur energy
It is necessary to avoid getting the drug into ponds and reservoirs, as it can affect their flora and fauna, and negative effects will be observed on beekeeper apiaries and livestock farms.

Therefore, when processing farmland, it is important to pay attention to the wind rose, the presence and direction of groundwater, the location of drinking water sources. The best container for breeding will be plastic, so the drug actively interacts with metals. Storage is carried out in a closed container and in inaccessible places.

The use of this substance has already a sufficient base of use, its positive properties are noted, both for the prevention of fungal diseases and for their treatment. Many people note the excellent effect on strengthening the immunity of the plants themselves. We can say that this is an innovative product.