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11 best varieties of lettuce for open field and seeds for them

Mother Nature is pleased to present to our table a good salad to help in the fight against the annual beriberi that haunt us in the spring days. This fast-growing annual is one of the main suppliers of useful components. Crisp foliage plays the role of that extraordinary raisin with which you can harmoniously decorate a meat, fish, cheese dish. An important feature of greenery is that it is possible to cultivate it all year. And quite often, gardeners who have harvested an early harvest, re-sow the seeds of this crop in open ground.

The best varieties of sor lettuce for planting in the country

Leaf lettuce - a one-year plant, perfectly tolerates cold weather. Seeds give the first shoots even at four to five degrees of heat, without any problems they experience slight frosts. Mature plants are even more resistant and can withstand a six-degree frost in the garden and in the country

The root system is well-branched, located in most cases near the surface of the soil. The color of the salad bushes varies from light green to dark purple. By the time of aging, a flowering stalk grows from the central part of the outlet. Later on, inflorescences form in it in the form of baskets, numbering from fifteen small flowers. Flowering can last no more than a month.

In Russia, leaf lettuce, known for its delicate and juicy leaves, short ripening periods, is very popular. It is recommended to eat at any time of the year.

Culture is grown without too much difficulty. It is enough to take one or two beds under it, on which several harvests can be harvested. During the summer season, lettuce bushes have time to grow and give seed material.

Garden bed with various varieties of lettuce

For open ground

Levistro - late-ripening plant, the growing season lasts from fifty-five days to two months. Sockets of an open type, the average sizes. The bush forms a head of cabbage, the weight of which reaches five hundred grams. The bitterness is absent.The variety is excellent against a number of diseases and dangerous parasites:

  • downy mildew;
  • internal necrosis;
  • tle.
Perfectly grown on unprotected beds and in greenhouses. For open ground salad is recommended for cultivation from mid-spring until the onset of autumn.

Ruxai is another lettuce plant with late (up to fifty days) aging periods. Rosette of open appearance, loose, reaches twenty-centimeter height. Rounded foliage of a reddish shade, with a slight purple color. Head out about four hundred grams. Taste signs are pronounced brightly spicy and nutty notes.

Ruksay salad variety

Gascony is a medium early plant with a growing season of forty-five to forty-eight days. Sockets are compact, in diameter reach thirty-five centimeters. The average weight is five hundred grams. Variety perfectly resists tsvetushnosti and the most common diseases. Perfectly cultivated in the open field.

Gascony on the garden

Sheet early maturing

Sandwich - an excellent variety of leaf salad with an early ripening. It grows equally well in greenhouse conditions and in open beds. The foliage is light green, tender, contains a large amount of vitamins and mineral components.

The plant is recommended to be consumed fresh, used in the preparation of sandwiches and salads, serves as a decoration for many dishes.
Growing leaves of sandwich

Firebird is an early-ripening plant capable of producing crops six and a half months after sowing. Sockets are large, ruby ​​red, foliage tender, crisp. The foliage contains many vitamins and mineral salts.

Grand - early ripening, yields forty to forty-five days after the first shoots appear. The foliage is large, curly, juicy, the sockets are highly equal. The variety is known for resistance to 6.

  • tsvetushnosti;
  • necrosis;
  • marginal burns.
Lettuce grant

Kitezh - an early ripe lettuce plant, forming upright sockets, the height and diameter of which reach twenty-five centimeters. The foliage is medium-sized, oblong, reddish. The wavy edges have small cuts in the apical parts. The taste of the salad is excellent, the yield reaches two and a half kilograms from one square meter of bed.

Growing kitezh

Without bitterness for the garden

Lollo Bionda - is considered one of the most popular and beautiful salad types. The foliage is soft, goes well with hot dishes, sauces, baked vegetables, grilled meat. It can be a good decoration for any dish or garden.

Lollo bionda

Batavia - includes a number of varieties, united by common features:

  • lifel;
  • risotto;
  • greenie;
  • fanly;
  • cottage;
  • jumble;
  • Prague citizens.

Sockets are large, half sprawling, the foliage around the edges has a slight waviness. The salad is delicious, slightly sweet, perfectly complements the meat dishes. Recently, the variety is popular with many gardeners.

Variety batavia

Oak-leaved - owes its name to the appearance of foliage. The plant is recognized by its color shades and taste, distinguished by the presence of nutty notes. It is a great addition to hot salads, snacks, fish dishes. Due to the increased sensitivity of foliage to temperature changes, the salad should not be stored for more than a few hours.

Oakwood view

Corn - forms small leaves of a dark green shade, creating sockets. Taste is sweetish, with nut notes, easy spiciness is felt. You can plant in the country or a balcony.

Unusual root, pre-assembled in a basket

Oily - varietal variety of lettuce. The leaves are smooth, appear oily to the touch due to the high amount of vitamin E. Previously, this salad was grown to produce oil. The foliage is juicy, with a sweetish taste.

They are recommended not to be cut with a knife before use, but simply to be torn by hands.

Salad is considered an unpretentious plant, it does not impose any special requirements for cultivation. Having identified for yourself the most suitable varieties, you can plant annually and have several crops of plants enriched with vitamins and other useful components.