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Preparation Ovary for tomatoes

In the absence of ovaries on tomatoes or other crops, gardeners complain about the unfavorable weather, as a result of which pollination of inflorescences worsens. However, there are a number of other factors affecting the formation of fruits. This will be discussed in this article.

The reasons for the lack of ovaries on tomatoes or other crops

Interfere with pollination of flowers can, of course, and hot weather and weak insect departures under the scorching sun. But there are other reasons that inhibit the formation of seeds, making pollen sterile. As a result of such interference, the ovary falls off at the initial stage of formation.

Among the main factors affecting the setting of fruits, experts identify the following:

  • low air humidity (below 38%) in combination with a high stable temperature (above 31 degrees);
  • high air humidity (over 78%) in combination with temperatures above 29 degrees;
  • acidic soil conditions;
  • planting seeds or seedlings in cold ground;
  • micronutrient deficiencies in the soil (magnesium, boron, nitrogen, molybdenum, etc.);
  • excess application of easily digestible fertilizers;
  • low light beds;
  • watering crops cold water;
  • the presence of drafts (or prolonged windy weather);
  • overloading the bush with ovaries;
  • the influence of herbicides used on neighboring beds;
  • defeat of a plant by a disease with a focal area of ​​more than 1/3.
By changing the color of the foliage of a tomato, you can determine which elements it lacks.
Caring for plants, you should carefully observe the slightest changes in the state of foliage.

Culture itself will “tell” about the problem that has arisen in agricultural technology (lack or excess of food, lack of moisture or excessive dryness). Timely elimination of a stressful situation restores normal vegetation.

What to do to stimulate the formation of ovaries on tomatoes

To eliminate the consequences of the identified cause of the absence of ovaries on tomatoes and other plants is not easy. And sometimes it takes too much time to determine the essence of the problem, saving the harvest of the current season is no longer possible.

Therefore, gardeners should take all steps to reduce the prerequisitesaffecting the formation of fruits.

If you already had to deal with such a question, then the best solution is considered the use of folk remedies or special preparations, whose action is aimed at stimulation of fruit formation, preventing the fall of the ovaries.

Many gardeners successfully use the drug Ovary. After treatment with a plant easier to tolerate temperature changes, drought or high humidity.

Drug ovary

In addition to stimulation, spraying strengthens the immune system, which allows the shoots to resist fungal infections and other equally serious diseases. The effect after the use of the drug is noticeable in a matter of days, and the action of the active components continues for 30 days.

The composition of the tool ovary and its principle of operation

The drug is made from biological components, therefore it is considered safe for plants and people. Restoration of normal vegetation is achieved due to the rich vitamin composition, supplemented with micro and macroelements (molybdenum, manganese, potassium, magnesium, etc.) in combination with natural acids.

The active substance is gibberellic acid sodium saltbelonging to the 3rd class of danger (in a low concentration there is a low level of toxicity).

The principle of the Ovary is to enrich the culture with valuable substances that activate metabolic processes. The plant, filled with microelements and energy, leaves a stressful state, stops shedding ovaries. The drug is aimed at the production of growth hormones (A3, A4, A7), characterized by physical activity.

The advantages and disadvantages of the drug

The ovary has versatility - it can be applied both in the greenhouse and in the open field

Before using the drug should consider its benefits.

  • Versatility means allows to use it for spraying vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs.
  • The composition includes safe substances that allows you to get organic crop. The active component has no effect on taste and appearance.
  • One treatment creates plant protection for a whole month.
  • The tool contributes to the formation of ovaries, even in adverse weather conditions, strengthens the plant immunity, accelerates the ripening of fruits for 5-7 days.
  • Spraying crops eliminates the formation of barren flowers.

Due to the use of biological substances for the manufacture of the drug and ease of use, the ovaries were not found by the gardeners.

The fruit stimulator cannot completely replace pollination by bees and bumblebees.

Cooking Instructions and Security Measures

Table of use of the drug Ovary

The working solution is prepared by dissolving powder in water. It is important to follow the recommendations, instructions and dosages indicated on the package. For each vegetable or fruit tree, the concentration is different, for example, the following proportions are prescribed for a tomato:

  • spraying with purpose maintain a healthy look and bloom - 1.5 liters of water 2 g. facilities;
  • processing with a view stimulate fruit formation and increase yields - on 1 l of water 2 gr. facilities.

Starting processing, you should familiarize yourself with the following recommendations:

  • procedure is carried out early morning or evening;
  • the weather should be dry and windless;
  • the working solution must be prepared immediately before watering the bushes (in a diluted form, the properties of the preparation are preserved no more than a day);
  • for a uniform spray of liquid should use a sprayer;
  • processing in order to maintain a healthy plant is worth 2 times a season (at the stage of bud formation and after the appearance of peduncles);
  • to stimulate the formation of ovaries need to splash 3 times per season (at the stage of flowering of the first brush, then the second and third);
  • The principle of treatment and the concentration of the solution used in open beds is the same as if sprinkling in greenhouses.
When processing the ovary, you must take precautions.
The drug does not contain chemicals in the composition, but the spraying should be in overalls, gloves and glasses. If liquid enters the mucous membrane, it is necessary to immediately flush the affected area under running water.

Crop processing technology

When using the drug Ovary it is recommended to familiarize with the rules of treatment for different cultures.

How to spray tomatoes

To stimulate the fruit formation of tomatoes it is necessary to spray a garden bed. thriceThe terms are determined by the beginning of the flowering of the brushes (the first brush is the first treatment, the second brush is the second treatment, etc.)

The solution to process is prepared in this concentration: for 1 liter of water 2 g. facilities. Consumption rate - about 300 ml per 10 m2.

Cucumber Processing

Spraying cucumbers held twice: at the initial stage of flowering and with the mass release of inflorescences. The concentration of the solution - 2 gr. funds for 1.4 liters of water. Approximately 600 ml of liquid is used per 10 m2.

How to spray potatoes

Potatoes are processed at the beginning of flowering, the second time - in a week

Potato beds are processed 2 times at weekly intervals (the first time at the initial stage of flowering). The working solution is prepared from 1.5 gr. Ovary and 1.5 liters of water. The liquid consumption rate is about 3 liters per 10 m2.

Reviews gardeners on the use of the drug

Nikolai Vasilievich, 56 years old

In recent years, growing healthy tomatoes has become difficult. But even more problems appeared after abundant shedding of ovaries with a stable and thorough care. Daughter brought the drug Ovary, the effect noted after harvest.

The site is small, more than 100 bushes do not fit, and I am not experimenting with the variety. Treated plants gave a third more cropthan those I was afraid to spray.

Irina, 38 years old

I cannot call the Ovary a super drug, although I cannot assert its inaction either, compared to my neighbors, I managed to harvest at least some kind of harvest. Unlike the Control, which didn’t show itself at all, the money was not thrown to the wind.

Vera Anatolyevna, 49 years

Used the tool Ovary, spraying on eggplants, peppers, beans and tomatoes. The drug proved to be the best. on tomatoes and peppers. The remaining plants did not find any differences between the treated and untreated bushes.

Tatyana, 35 years old

The drug Ovary helps harvest even after spring frosts

Ovary copes with its task. Late spring frosts spoiled yield earlier, now I am calm for vegetable beds. As for me, the remedy manifests itself. more effective than boric acidwhich had to use earlier.

Sergey, 40 years old

Bought a cottage 7 years ago, immediately took up gardening. Last year, after the June heavy rains, he found scattered ovaries on early tomatoes.

On the advice of a neighbor, he treated the bed with Ovary. After 3-5 days, noticed fragrant foliage and new shoots. Removed from the bush 3-4.5 kg tomatoes, before this record was 3.2 kg per plant.

Compliance with the general rules of agricultural engineering and timely processing with protective agents will prevent shedding of the ovaries. Stimulating drugs will help the plant survive unpleasant weather surprises without loss of yield.