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A detailed description of the variety of tomato Dubok


For those who are looking for a high-yielding variety, unpretentious in cultivation, not requiring additional care, the tomato of the variety Dubok is the best possible way. The description, characteristics of this variety of tomatoes are fully disassembled in the article. An additional advantage of this type of tomato is that it can be grown on a windowsill without much difficulty.

Description and characteristics of tomato Oak

This variety of tomatoes was bred in the USSR. In the open ground, it is recommended to grow it in Moldova, in Ukraine and in the south of Russia. For the northern regions of the recommended cultivation of this variety in greenhouses. Treats grades of early term of maturing.

The aging period is 95-100 days. The bush is short, no more than 70 cm in height. The bush is formed in 2-3 stems. Does not require a garter and obligatory removal of shoots. During the flowering period 5-6 inflorescences are formed, giving the ovary. With proper care from 1 square. meters can be collected from 6 to 8 kg of fruit.

Characteristics of Tomato Oak

The fruits are small, rounded, slightly ribbed. The color is bright red. Fruit weight 50-100 gr. The skin is thick, but not hard. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, with a small amount of seeds. In taste a little sour. This variety is self-pollinating.

If tomatoes are grown in the room, it is necessary to perform artificial pollination. To do this, the bushes must be gently shaken.

The merits of the variety

Oak has several advantages such as:

  • excellent taste;
  • good yield;
  • immunity to diseases;
  • simultaneous ripening of tomatoes;
  • the possibility of self-seed;
  • excellent presentation; good transportability;
  • universality of use.
Fruits Tomatoes Dubok

Seed preparation and seedling cultivation

Before sowing, the seeds must undergo a certain preparation:

  1. Selection of seeds suitable for planting occurs by soaking them in saline. Rising to the surface of the seeds throws, as they are not suitable for planting. The bottom is washed well;
  2. Soak for 20 minutes in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection;
  3. We process growth stimulant;
  4. We spread the treated seeds on a wet gauze for germination. You must ensure that the gauze is always wet;
  5. We perform the tempering procedure. We put the seeds in a rag bag or napkin and place them in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  6. We warm for 5 hours at a temperature of 24 degrees.

For growing seedlings it is better to use ready-made soil, although this variety is unpretentious to the soil. First you need to pour it with a hot solution of strong manganese. Seeds deepen by 0.5cm. sprinkle the top with a thin layer of soil, do not compact.

Moisten the soil with a spray bottle, cover with glass and leave in a well-lit room with a temperature of 23 degrees. When the first shoots appear, remove the glass and organize additional round-the-clock daylight illumination.

Seedlings need a lot of light
The optimum temperature for seedlings 18-20 degrees. Watering seedlings is necessary as the soil dries.

If there are 2 sheets, it is necessary to transplant the plants into separate containers. For the period of growth of seedlings dressing must be made twice.

The first feeding is carried out a week after transplanting seedlings. For these purposes, you can use the ash solution or fermented mullein. The second dressing make 14 days after making the first. Before transplanting plants to open beds, seedlings at the age must be hardened.

At the time of hardening, seedlings should be between 50-55 days old. To do this, the daytime temperature is reduced to 17 degrees, and nighttime to 12 degrees. In the presence of seedlings 3-4 sheets to carry out planting in open ground.

Planting tomatoes in open ground

Seedlings are planted on open beds in late April or early May after spring frosts have passed. Plants should be planted on open, well-lit beds. Cabbage, cucumbers, onions, and carrots are good precursors for this variety.

The distance between the bushes should be 50 cm, and between the rows of 60 cm. It should not be densely planted seedlings. On 1 square. meter you can land no more than 6 bushes. The bush is formed into two trunks.

Watering plants should be moderate, but abundant. Watering is best done in the evening, water for irrigation should be warm.
Tomatoes Oak in the open ground

To get a good crop plants need to be periodically fertilized. For fertilizing it is good to use fertilizers mixed in this proportion:

  • water 10 liters;
  • ash-250 grams;
  • superphosphate-50 grams;
  • Mullein fermented 2 liters.

This dressing must be applied to the soil every 20 days. After watering, loosening is necessary to prevent stagnation of moisture and to give oxygen access to the root system. Obligatory care is the removal of weeds, shading plants and pulling useful substances from the soil.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes of this variety have high immunity to diseases. In order to prevent it is recommended to treat plants with phytosporin.

May be attacked by such pests as:

  • slug is naked;
  • Colorado beetle;
  • white scoop;
  • aphid.

To combat aphids, it is necessary to treat the bushes with ash solution, or with a solution of household soap. To combat the remaining pests using copper sulfate.


Fruits ripen in 90-100 days after planting. Crop begin to collect from July to late autumn. When collecting tomatoes for storage, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to collect the fruits as they reach maturity;
  2. Remove the peduncle and gently decompose the tomatoes in boxes;
  3. To keep tomatoes longer it is necessary to wrap them in paper;
  4. Each box must have no more than three layers;
  5. Layers must be re-dried with dry hay, or poured with sawdust (this will make it possible to transport the fruit without deteriorating its presentation).
Oak variety has earned the love of farmers for its unpretentiousness, high yield and disease resistance.

Once you have planted this variety on your plot, you will definitely allocate a bed for it for many more years.