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Full description and characteristics of the variety of tomato Black Moor


Tomatoes of black shades are derived by crossing wild and red fruit varieties. After careful selection, you can get the most attractive and amazingly tasty tomatoes that will attract the attention of any gourmet. One of the best dark tomato varieties is the Black Moor, described in the article.

Description and characteristics of tomato black moor

Shrub stops its formation after the formation of 10-12 brushes. Plant height reaches 150 mm. The main features of the popular variety are too short distances between the leaves.

Fruits grow brushes. One brush can accommodate about 18-22 pieces. Ripening of tomatoes occurs after 120 days from the moment of the first shoots. The flesh of vegetables is rather dense and has a sweet-sour taste. The seeds in the fruit are few.

Tomatoes Black Moor

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of the Black Moor are:

  • amazing taste characteristics;
  • compactness of fruits (which is convenient when canning);
  • density of the skin, which prevents damage to fruits during transport;
  • long storage period of vegetable culture.

Among the disadvantages of dark-tinted tomatoes should be highlighted:

  • exposure to pests;
  • susceptibility to blight and fusarium.
Tomatoes Black moor in the cut and weight of fruits

Distinctive features from other varieties

Black Moor can grow both in the greenhouse and in the open field. The fruits have a teardrop shape and literally envelop the entire bush. This variety of dark tomatoes is considered the most fruitful and can bring almost 6-7 kg of yield from one plant.

The main distinctive feature of the Black Moor is considered to be the unique taste of the fruit, combining sweetness and slight sourness.
Shrub with tomato fruits

Requirements for soil for planting

For sowing special containers should be prepared, namely:

  • wooden boxes;
  • cups (paper);
  • plastic cups;
  • cut plastic bottles;
  • peat pots.

It will be most convenient to plant seeds in peat or paper containers, as grown seedlings can be planted in open ground directly in these pots.

Before sowing seeds, it is necessary for 4-5 days to place the prepared container in a room with a temperature of about 22-25 degrees. It should be borne in mind that the seeds grow as quickly as possible in coconut fibers (chopped). It may also be useful to the soil, which will contain in the same proportion turf and humus soil.

It is very important that the density of the soil retains its looseness. To do this, should include in the land sawdust.
Seedling Containers

Sowing rules

It is very important to harden the seeds before planting, which will prevent their further response to temperature changes. For hardening, it is enough to place the seeds in a convenient container and put them into the cold for 48 hours. Immediately before planting the planting material, it is necessary to check for germination. To do this, we moisten the seeds and bring them into a room with a temperature of 20-25 degrees for 5-7 days.

Given the susceptibility of tomatoes to a variety of diseases, planting material must be processed before planting. As a rule, potassium permanganate dissolved in water is used for this purpose.

After completion of treatment, wash the seeds with warm running water.

When sowing Black Moor, you should follow the recommendations that will allow you to grow healthy seedlings:

  1. Seeds are sown to a depth of about 18-20 mm. If you put a seed deeper, it may rot.
  2. The distance place the seeds should be 18-20 mm.
  3. The lower the germination rate, the denser the landing should be.
  4. After disembarking, it is recommended to cover the container with film material.
  5. After the appearance of the first leaves (2-3), the seedlings can be picketed.

For the rapid germination of seedlings should provide optimal conditions, namely:

  • ensure the soil looseness;
  • place containers in a bright and warm room;
  • water the seeds after sowing, cover with foil and after waiting for the first seedling to water the soil again.
Sowing seeds for seedlings

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Seedlings can be planted on the site only 45-55 days after the appearance of the first sprouts. As a rule, during this period, heat stabilizes outside, and the appearance of night frosts is unlikely.

Before planting seedlings we pour plenty of soil.

Plants can be several options:

  1. Rows 60x30 or 50x30.
  2. Two-line ribbon - wider distances are left between each pair of rows. In this case, the bushes can be planted in a checkerboard pattern.
  3. Nesting - 2 bushes are placed in one hole.

Grade care after transplanting

After transplanting the plant into the open ground, it is necessary to provide him with proper care:

  • Given the high degree of growth of vegetable crops and copious amounts of fruit on the hands, each bush must be tied up.
  • As the plants grow, the extra stepchildren are removed and the flowered hands vibrate in a timely manner, which will significantly increase the yield.
  • Systematically water the plants with warm water.
  • Periodically produce dressing using a full range of fertilizers.
  • Every 5-6 days we loosen the soil and do weeding.
Planted in soil and watered tomato bushes

Diseases and their prevention

Despite the average degree of Black Moor's resistance to diseases, it is still susceptible to fungal infections. It is very important to carry out prevention in order to avoid infection of the bushes. It is also recommended to put into practice the rules of crop rotation (hilling bushes), to process vegetables with Hom. Barrier preparations are ideal for feeding. To prevent the occurrence of phytophthora should spray plants using a solution Bordeaux fluid.

If small punctures appear on the leaves of the seedlings, then it is time to fight the spider mite. You can get rid of it by spraying Karbofos on the bushes.

With the help of Konfidor you can get rid of the whitefly, whose activity covers the leaves with fungus and leads to their yellowing and further fading.
Drugs against diseases and pests

The subtleties of successful cultivation of this variety of tomato

The most significant feature of the cultivation of tomato Black Moor is considered to be the obligatory garter of its branches and the timely disposal of unnecessary stepchildren. To increase the yield of the bush, you must create a vibration effect (shake the brush gently) and periodically feed.

Gardeners reviews about the variety

Veronica, 46 years old: I have been growing tomatoes on my lot for two years. Black Moor. Last year, she absolutely could not find the time for a garter and most of the bushes fell from the weight of the fruit. This year, she took the growing process more seriously and respected all the conditions. The result pleased me. The bushes are all flat, high, and the harvest is just heroic.

Margarita, 55 years old: soot tomatoes Black moor in the greenhouse. Bushes grow to the roof. The harvest from each plant reaches 5 kg. Tomatoes are superb.

Svetlana, 55 years old: Every year soot a few bushes of the Black Moor. I really like their taste. However, there is such a disadvantage in this variety. If watering is untimely, then the fruits, though a lot on the bushes, but they grow small.

The fruit of the tomato Black Moor

Ruslana, 35 years old: nfirst time planted tomatoes Black Moor. I liked the fruits of the vegetable crop to the taste, but the bushes were too high and even a garter did not save with a strong wind. They simply broke. The rest of the variety is just wonderful. Fruit from one bush Nemer.

Observing the basic rules for the care of an annual plant, in a timely manner by watering and feeding you can become the owner of a weighty crop. It is important to feed the bushes with complex fertilizers several times a season and to carry out the garter in time to avoid breaking off tall plants.