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Full description and characteristics of the tomato variety President

Varieties of Dutch breeding have long won the love of Russian summer residents. Special attention deserves a tomato with a sonorous title President. The productive hybrid cakes early, gives commercial fruits. The hybrid is used for growing on private farms and in small farms.

Description and characteristics of tomato President

Early ripe hybrid. In the state registry by type of growth is classified as an indeterminant plant with unlimited growth power. When grown in a greenhouse, it can behave like semi-determinant varieties: it stops growing independently, the stepchildren produces a moderate amount.

It is possible to grow up a hybrid both in an open ground, and in greenhouses. Shrubs grow from 1.5 to 2 meters, depending on the method of formation of the bush (one or two stems) and the quality of care. The load of fruits is high, on one bush of a tomato it ripens up to 7 kg of fruits. To support the branches and the stem, you need a strong support. The garter of a bush is required to be held several times per season.

Use wooden or plastic stakes to support. Disinfect them annually with a solution of blue vitriol. Knit for fixing the bush to the support to produce from a soft material.

The fruits are large, flat-rounded in shape with a slight ribbing, weighing from 200 to 300 g. The color of the ripe tomato is classic, red. The flesh has an excellent taste, dense structure, well cut, beautiful on the cut. Along with a good tomato flavor, the flesh is distinguished by a special aroma, peculiar to varieties rather than hybrids.

Early tomatoes are used for making light summer salads, decorating sandwiches, as a raw material for tomato juice. Can be tomatoes President canned and pickled. Peeled tomatoes are stored well, ripen for 10 days. After short-term storage, the fruit taste becomes richer.

Tomato fruit President in the context of

Breeding history and region of growth

F1 President 2 - Dutch product. Originator "MONSANTO" - a company from the Netherlands. The variety was tested on Russian fields before being included in the state register. The tests were successful. In 2007, the hybrid of the first generation President 2 F1 was entered in the state register, indicating in the column "region of admission" - all regions. For 10 years, the variety has become popular both among summer residents and among farmers. Growing this early, productive hybrid is beneficial for both.

Advantages and disadvantages

A description of all the advantages and disadvantages presented in the table.

yieldneed strong support and regular work on fixing the branches loaded with fruits
keeping quality
large percentage yield of commercial fruits
great taste
versatility in use

not demanding to care
resistant to most tomato diseases
President early variety - great for salads

Planting seeds

Tomato seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse after May 15. Suitable for these purposes, seedlings aged 50 to 60 days. Proceeding from this, the term of sowing seeds for seedlings is calculated.

For early production, it is optimal to sow from mid-February to mid-March.

In open ground, seedlings are planted later (late May - early June), respectively, seeds are sown at a later date (mid-March - early April).

Sow initially in shallow boxes filled with fertile soil: high-quality purchased, prepared independently from garden soil, peat, humus, sand. Boxes to accelerate germination cover with foil, keep in a warm room (25-28 ° C).

When forming 2 leaves and reaching 5-7 cm in height, dive seedlings in larger boxes or in separate glasses in volumes from 350 to 500 ml. Seedling temper before transplanting to a permanent place by lowering night temperatures to 8 ° C.

For seedlings, it is desirable to use ready-made soil.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

The ridge for tomatoes is filled with fertilizers (humus, superphosphate, urea, potash saltpeter) and dug up two weeks before transplanting seedlings into open ground. Per 1 m² place no more than 4 roots. Supports are driven into the well before transplanting seedlings. Seedlings sown by the method of transshipment, earthy lump try not to damage. Planted plant well watered.

You can tie a tomato on the day of planting, and over the next 10 days.


Caring for tomatoes President standard. It comes down to the usual agronomic techniques:

  1. Abundant watering once a week, in the heat - every three days.
  2. Single application of nitrogen fertilizers in the first month of growth.
  3. A single application of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers during fruiting.
  4. Foliar nutrition with boric acid during the flowering period and at the end of fruiting.
  5. Mulching the soil under the bushes.
  6. Removal of stepsons when they reach a length of 5-7 cm.
  7. Formation of a bush in 2 stalks, with a thick planting - in 1.
  8. Partial collection of brown tomatoes to relieve the load of the bush and the direction of nutrients to the formation of other fruits.
Tomato Mulching

How to get seeds next year?

At the forums, many gardeners share their successes in growing tomato President from their seeds. Subject slippery, varietal characteristics of the second generation of hybrids are not saved. But if there is a desire to experiment, then you can prepare your own seeds from a tomato plant grown in his greenhouse.

You can use the advice of an experienced gardener who has been growing President tomatoes from her seeds for many years. She offers to choose the highest quality fruit. It should be 100% ripe. It is necessary to cut the fruit in half, squeeze the seeds along with the juice into a small container. Pour some water into it and leave for 3 days.

The contents of the cup every day gently interfere. By the end of the third day, mold may appear on the surface, but this is not a problem. Pour water into the cup and mix for the last time. Quality seeds will fall to the bottom, empty ones will float on top. To merge all unnecessary, rinse clean seeds, dry, put in storage in a paper bag. Do not forget to specify the grade and date of collection.

Seed quality check

Diseases and their prevention

The grade is practically not subject to illnesses. Proper agrotechnology with indispensable root and foliar dressing is the best prevention of disease. When grown in a greenhouse need regular ventilation. In open ground, mulch during the period of long rains will prevent the appearance of a fungal infection.

The appearance of pests (whitefly, spider mite) is possible, but good care and regular inspection of plants will help in time to save the plants from pests.

Gardeners reviews about the variety

Irina, Krasnoyarsk region: planted in a greenhouse of polycarbonate for a sample of 8 bushes of tomato President. Sown on seedlings in early March, landed in the greenhouse after April 20. Tomatoes began to sing in the month of June. Actively fruited until mid-August. Pasynkov compared with other varieties were few. Formed bushes in 2 trunks. High-quality fruits, dense, sweet, large. Diameter 6-8 cm. Nothing processed, fed 3 times. Once an infusion of herbs, before flowering ammonium nitrate, during the fruiting of phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Sort liked in all respects.

Olga, Samara: F1 president grow not the first year. Planted in a greenhouse. From one bush I collect up to 6 kg of tomatoes. Tomatoes are red, tasty, thick, shiny skin. The flesh is thick. Tomatoes keep their shape well when sliced. Fruit weight from 150 to 300 g. Disease resistance is good. The harvest does not depend on the weather.

Tomatoes President on the bush

Elvira, Leningrad region: President can only say good words about the variety. For all the characteristics it is good. In the greenhouse bushes grow up to 2 meters, care for them is negligible. To prolong the fruiting spraying the bushes with a solution of boric acid and serum with iodine. There were no phytophtoras either last season or now.

Natalia, Perm: grade President F1 soot in the greenhouse for the second year. The first year was my blunders. Did not make fertilizer for digging and fertilized little in the summer. The harvest was not bad, but the fruits were not very large. Today she brought in superphosphate for digging and fed Kemira all summer. Tomatoes have grown everything as on the selection of large 200-250 g. The shape of the fruit is wonderful. The skin is shiny. The taste is good. Next season I will definitely plant 10 President bushes.

You need to have a few bushes of tomato President in their garden. Early tomatoes can be grown without the use of chemistry and great labors. Productivity, good taste, early ripeness are the arguments in favor of this hybrid Dutch selection.