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How to dry cucumbers in an electric dryer, oven, convection oven, in the sun and above the stove

Dried fruits are known to many hostesses, but not everyone is familiar with dried vegetables. They also perfectly preserve beneficial properties and microelements necessary for humans. In winter, when there is a lack of vitamins, dried cucumbers can replenish it. Vegetables containing a large amount of moisture require a special approach and whether they can be dried in an electric dryer. In cucumbers 95 percent of the water.

Specificity of drying cucumbers

Drying vegetables naturally began in ancient times. Many devices have been invented to speed up the process.

It should be borne in mind that only a quarter of the original product will remain, since cucumbers are very watery.

There will be no difficulty in drying if you follow the recipe and algorithm of actions.

Vegetable requires prior preparation, regardless of which method is chosen:

  1. Over-ripe and overgrown fruits are suitable for use in the dryer.
  2. Fresh cucumbers harvested from the garden bed are thoroughly washed, inflorescences and spines must be removed. Before drying, the fruits are laid out on a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
  3. To avoid unpleasant taste from natural bitterness will help cleaning of the skins. If the fruits are well watered and do not have a taste, then you can not cut off the upper part.
  4. The vegetable is cut into circles with a thickness of up to 1 centimeter or plates.

Fans of vegetable chips with garlic and pickle on the nature, can use salted vegetables for drying. Some housewives prefer sugar with lemon as an extra ingredient. Each product is intended for fans.

Ways to dry cucumber

Drying can be in different ways. To remove excess liquid, apply salt and sugar. For the preparation of dried chips useful aromatic herbs and seasonings. The natural way is most suitable for all types of vegetables. Cucumbers can be dried in the form of garlands or on racks. They are also prepared in an electric dryer, aerogrill and in the oven.

Today, people are used to drying fruits, berries and greens, but they cannot even assume that dried vegetables are no less useful.

In the oven

Not only dried cucumbers, but also vegetable chips work well in the oven. They need a higher temperature and the presence of aromatic spices.

Prepared in the usual way cucumbers laid out on sheets, covered with parchment. The temperature is set at 50-70 degrees. Periodically it is necessary to open the door and release the collected moisture. The cucumber slices must be turned over to prevent burning. If there is a strong heat, the temperature drops to 40 degrees.

The electric oven is more suitable for drying vegetables, as it has a constant temperature when heated

For the preparation of chips, salt and sprinkle seasoned cucumbers with spices. Let them drain in a sieve or colander. The circles are laid out on parchment and exposed to heating to 150 degrees for 30 minutes, 15 from each side. Another half hour the vegetable comes at a temperature of 70 degrees. The shelf life of such a product depends on the spices used to make it.

In addition, carrots, mushrooms and garlic are good in the oven.

In the dryer

A convenient device for drying vegetables - electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux. With any number of cucumbers, she perfectly cope with the task.

The temperature for this vegetable is set no higher than 70 degrees. The process time is from 4 to 6 hours. Constantly need to control the degree of drying, so as not to spoil the workpiece.

Vegetables made in this way are stored for up to two years without additional preservatives and special conditions. Also in the dryer VOLTERA well it turns out pumpkin, beets and even melon.

Prepared mugs should be laid out on electric dryers and switched on in the mode recommended in the instructions for use.

Sun drying

A natural way of drying will be appreciated by those who can boast of high yields. Cucumbers sliced ​​into circles or plates can be strung on threads and hung. Vegetable is not afraid of the sun, so it is placed in the open air. Good ventilation contributes to quick drying.

Circles of cucumbers on a string should be placed loosely, so as not to appear mold.

To condition the product comes in 3-4 days.

Cucumbers are dried on a horizontal surface. Shelves are covered with parchment or sheets of paper. Vegetable circles are laid out in one layer. On each side it dries for 2 days. Then they must be carefully assembled and folded in airtight containers or linen bags.

Salty and sweet vegetables are suitable for horizontal drying. They must first hold in the cup, constantly draining the liquid. Then transfer to a sieve or colander. When excess moisture comes out, the cucumbers are laid out and dried.

The cut pieces are strung on a thread and stretched under the rays of the sun.

In convection oven

The peculiarity of the preparation of dried cucumbers in convection ovens is temperature control. Vegetable is prepared in the usual way. Fruits are not dried completely, only by circles or plates. If the seeds are very large, as in the old fruit, then they can be removed.

Circles are laid out on pallets and loaded into the unit. The temperature is set to within 70 degrees. Drying time is 2 to 4 hours.

It is necessary to control the process by turning the slices and observing the temperature.

Pulling out products is necessary when the circles become brittle and devoid of moisture.

Over the stove

They have tender pulp, due to the large amount of moisture. As soon as it evaporates, the dried vegetable is ready. If there are no special units and the ability to organize racks, then you can use the electric stove.

Fruits, cut in the usual way, peeled from the skin, are strung on a thick thread. The garland is hung over the switched on electric stove at a distance of half a meter. Constant heat contributes to weathering moisture. There should be distances between the segments, then the process goes faster.

It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the thread, it is very thin - it can cut through the circles, and they will begin to fall.

Each method of drying has its pros and cons. Naturally, you can procure a greater amount of product. Electric dryer reduces drying time from 4 days to 6 hours. In the oven and aerogrill can be cooked sweet and salty options. In a hopeless situation, an electric stove comes to the rescue. Due to its wateriness, they dry quickly. They are stored for more than two years, can be used for cooking stews, pickle, chips. In the soaked form suitable for relaxing beauty treatments.