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How to plant overgrown cucumber seedlings in open ground


Spread up the seedlings - a fairly frequent case when growing cucumbers. Overgrown shoots are obtained if the light or temperature conditions are disturbed. To plant did not die before planting it, you must follow some recommendations.

What to do with overgrown seedlings and why it has become long need to know even before planting seeds. The reason may be in the remoteness of the pot with seedlings from the window, and in the wrong temperature in the greenhouse.

How to plant overgrown cucumber seedlings

Overgrown seedlings are manifested in the stretching of sprouts before the appearance of these leaves. For a number of reasons, pulling up of the semi-periolar stem occurs.

It happens that sprouts can be stretched very strongly, up to 10 cm in height. The seedling turns out to be weak, if it is not properly transplanted, the thin shoots of cucumbers can die.

Observing the recommendations of experienced gardeners, the situation is quite realistic to correct. Until planting on the beds, thin shoots can be roll along the cup in the form of a spiral and pour in soil up to cotyledon leaves. The stem will take root after 5-7 days. During this period, seedlings need to ensure regular watering and it will cease to stretch.

Reception will slightly slow down the plant in growth. However, during this period it will get stronger and stronger.

Proper preparation for transplanting in open ground

If you do not carry out the above-mentioned variant of burial in cups, you need to overgrown sprouts to plant on the bed or transplant in open ground. It is worth noting the fact that, contrary to the rules of seedlings "overgrown" survives well and gives good yields.

Transplanting cucumbers to a permanent place consists in the following rules:

  1. You need to remove cups carefully, paper bottom can be left. You cannot completely put a glass inside the hole, since the paper will be soaked for a long time.
  2. With leaves you need handle carefully, weak seedlings can be easily damaged. If done correctly, the sprouts stored on the surface will quickly root due to the fresh ground.
  3. The soil must be prepared in advance, enriched with fertilizers and ash. The temperature should be warm and stable, and the soil is well heated. To sprouts survived less stress, the soil can be pre-watered with warm water.
  4. Plant better in the morning or evening. Water only with heated water. From the tap cold water will negatively affect the growth of cucumbers.
Weak seedlings can easily be damaged by transplanting.
If you put water in metal buckets in the sun in advance, it will warm up very quickly.

Is it possible to deepen

The burial method is considered effective if you lay and plant the sprout sideways or twist it in a spiral across the width of the hole. Too deeply deepen and place the root is not worth it.

Disembarking to produce to a depth of 5-7 cm. The roots that appear on the stem if it is deepened, will begin to grow rapidly. Gradually, the size of the bushes will begin to recover, lush foliage will appear.

Planting cucumbers in the hole

The wells must be prepared in advance, the soil must be loose and fertile. Inside you can put a remedy for the bear, sawdust and ash. Wash the hole with warm water, put cucumber bushes there by the method of burial. Sprinkle with soil in such a way as to get a dimple by the form of the hole.

If you do not leave a groove, it will be difficult to water and feed. So that the moisture does not evaporate quickly, it is necessary to cover the hole on top with grass or straw. Some use coverings with holes for this purpose. Lay it on top of the soil until the seedlings are planted.

After transplantation it is necessary to leave a small depression for watering and fertilizing.

Post-plant care for stretched seedlings

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the soil did not dry out. Moisture will contribute to the growth of new roots, drought is unacceptable.
  2. Weak elongated shoots, so that the wind does not rock them, you can tie up or put on the net.
  3. To loosen and feed not earlier than 6-7 days. Loosening the bushes to produce very carefully - this will saturate the soil with oxygen.

Why seedlings stretched

Growing cucumbers often observed due to lack of experience in novice gardeners.

Gathered experience on their own mistakes gardeners share their secrets with others. They identify three main reasons:

  • violation of the timing of planting cucumbers for seedlings;
  • wrong light mode;
  • non-compliance with the temperature regime.
Seedlings can be pulled out when light or temperature is disturbed.

If you sow cucumbers too early, the bushes will outgrow in anticipation of stable heat. Depending on the climatic features sow cucumbers after April 20.

Lack of light detrimental to the sprouts and the condition of the leaves, they acquire a pale green tint. Too low temperature slows the growth of plants, high - contributes to abundant growth. Unsuitable temperature regime drives the sprout up.

If the ovary appears on the overgrown cucumbers, it is better to remove the flowers after transplantation. Thus, the bushes will be easier to adapt to a new place.

What to do if the seedlings managed to stretch out

After examining the causal relationship of stretching seedlings, you can prevent this process. If the sprouts of cucumbers are stretched out, they can be saved before transplanting to the main place.

Special fertilizer for growth will help to avoid pulling seedlings

The main measures to solve the problem:

  1. To add additional lighting, if necessary, use artificial light.
  2. If the cups are too tight to each other, or the planting is thick, they need to be damaged.
  3. Helps avoid sprouting potash fertilizer, ash and special tools that affect the growth of the plant if they are properly made.
  4. You can use the transplant method for larger cups. In order not to injure the root, you can increase the existing cups with strips of cardboard. Hollows fill the soil to the level of the first leaves.
  5. Cucumbers "overgrown" neatly transported to the land and transplanted by penetration.
  6. Damaged bushes with a broken stem can not be saved, the rest of the plants have a chance for a successful transplant.

As a top dressing can not use saltpeter, as it provokes the growth of the green part of the plant.

Overgrowth of cucumber seedlings is not a reason for refusing to plant on the beds. To correct this situation, will allow proper care. Subsequently, in order to avoid stretching upwards, it is necessary to carefully treat the plants at all pores of cultivation.