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Description and characteristics of the cucumber varieties Marinda f1


Cucumbers taken to use unripe. This is precisely their peculiarity compared to other vegetables. Early maturing varieties with a high degree of yield have gained immense popularity. These varieties include Marinda - this cucumber has already gained immense popularity among gardeners and has huge advantages over competitors.

Description and characteristics of the variety Marinda f1

Variety of cucumbers Marinda is a hybrid with early ripening. He was withdrawn in Holland.

According to characteristics it is suitable for cultivation both in the greenhouse, and in an open ground. The variety is self-pollinating, it begins to bear fruit 40-50 days after the emergence of shoots.

Marinda's bush is characterized by the presence of many lashes, but it is not thickened. Very unpretentious.

According to the description, about 7 even dark green fruits can be formed on each node. Their length reaches 10 cm, and the weight is about 70 grams. The flesh is dense, crunchy, without bitterness.

From 1 square you can collect approximately 30 kg of crop. Variety zoned for all climatic zones of our country.

The variety is self-pollinated, suitable for growing in greenhouses and open ground

Advantages and disadvantages of cucumbers

Marinda has many more advantages than disadvantages. That is why cucumbers are loved by our summer residents.

The plant has such positive qualities., as:

  • excellent taste;
  • a large percentage of seed germination;
  • high yields;
  • lack of care;
  • high resistance to major diseases;
  • universality of use;
  • self-pollination;
  • can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field.
Not without minor flaws. In particular, the harvest must be timely collected, because the fruits tend to outgrow very quickly.

Also the plant may be affected by angular spotting, peronosporosis. Such cases were noted not often, but gardeners managed to draw attention to this fact.

Advantages of the variety: high-yielding and unpretentiousness in care, self-pollination, excellent taste

Requirements for soil for planting

Cucumbers - a plant, though unpretentious, but to get a good harvest, you need to choose the right soil for growing.

It is better to plant them in fertile soil with a high content of humus. There should not be a lot of nitrogen in the earth, because this element does not have a very good effect on the development of cucumbers.

The bed should be located in a well-lit place.. Wind and drafts should not be. In case of insufficient lighting, the tops will grow weak and thin, the harvest will be scarce, the commercial quality will also suffer.

The rules of sowing seeds cucumber Mirinda

Cucumbers Mirinda planted on a plot with seeds or already ready seedlings. The second method is more laborious, but it allows you to get an early harvest.

For this seeds are pre-placed in wet gauze and incubated for three days. After this time, the shoots should appear.

Sprouted seeds are planted in pre-prepared containers with a soil mixture to a depth of 1.5 centimeters and cover with a film.

Sprouted seeds are planted in pots, a month later - in open ground

Shoots should appear on the fifth day., after which begin a moderate watering. A month later, you can plant the resulting seedlings in open ground.

However before that hardening recommended during the week (take young plants outside for a few hours a day).

Planting in open ground is carried out at a depth of about 4 centimeters at a distance of 50x30 cm in the previously prepared holes.

Preparation includes the addition of compost or manure in the ratio of 1 bucket per 1 square. meter. Also, the wells before planting should be poured abundantly with water.

With a late planting or planting in a heated greenhouse Marinda cucumbers can be sown in seeds. The soil should be heated to 15 ° C. Planting scheme is the same as when planting finished seedlings.

To protect the plants from the night cold, it is recommended to build a shelter from the film.

The soil for sowing seeds in open ground should be heated to 15 ° C

Grade care after planting

After planting cucumbers varieties Marind require some care. In particular, once a week the beds recommend weeding.

Also need to constantly remove weeds. But this should be done carefully. It is better if the soil is wet. After all, the root system of cucumber is not too deep into the soil and the plant itself can break out together with the weed.

For the full development and formation of fruits cucumbers need a lot of water. Prior to flowering, watering is carried out once a week, and with the beginning of the appearance of the ovary - once every four days.

In conditions of strong heat, irrigate the beds can be more often. Water should be used warm..

From the cold begins to develop root rot. They try to water in such a way that the water falls not on the leaves of the plant, but on the soil.

During the season, spend about 4 feeding cucumbers. The first should be at the very beginning of flowering, and the next with an interval of a couple of weeks.

Urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate, and mullein are used for this.

These drugs will help compensate for the lack of certain trace elements in the soil.

During the season, about 4 additional feeding of cucumbers is carried out; urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate, and mullein are used.

Diseases and their prevention

Despite the fact that Marinda is a disease resistant variety, it requires some protection measures. In addition, there are a number of pests wishing to eat cucumbers.

To keep plants healthy, should not prevent the lack of phosphorus and potassium.

Permanent crop rotation at the site also helps to fight not only diseases but also pests. Excess moisture should be avoided., for planting take only healthy material.

In order to prevent the soil at the site dig, plant residues are destroyed. The beds can be processed Bordeaux mixture.

Harvesting and storage rules

To increase yields fruits are collected every couple of days. It is best to perform the procedure in the morning or evening. To remove the harvest from the bush use scissors or a sharp knife.

In no case can not overturn the scourge, step on them or even somehow injure. This may cause the death of the plant.

Harvested fruit stored in a cool place.. However, the process of storing fresh vegetables should not be long.

Marinda can last up to three weeks, but for this you need to create certain conditions. The collected cucumbers are folded in a plastic bag, not closing it, and damp gauze is placed on top.

Fruits are harvested every couple of days, best in the morning or evening.

Marinda perfectly suited both for fresh consumption and for all types of conservation. Well transported, does not lose its presentation.

Cucumbers varieties Marinda allow gardeners and gardeners without much effort to get excellent yields.

Even in unsuitable weather conditions, no one was left without a crop. Thanks to this variety every year gaining increasing popularity.