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How to dry onions at home


Dried onion is an important component in the preparation of dishes of cuisines of all nations of the world. Natural spice gives the dish an interesting aroma and necessary piquancy. In addition, it has a number of useful properties needed by the body. In a record amount, it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and vitamin C. Knowing proven methods of how to dry it, you can always make yourself a blank of this useful spice.

How to dry onions at home

Dried leek ready for storage

Drying this vegetable requires advance preparation, which depends on the variety. It is important to know that after evaporation of excess moisture, it will lose mass by 5 times and decrease in volume by 10 times.

Chernushka (seeds) is dried in a room with an air temperature of 25 degrees with a minimum humidity. It is important to spread the seeds on a dry cloth or newspaper with a thin layer for air ventilation. Dried Chernushka will allow you to grow sevok for sprouting onions.

The bulb-like appearance has its own specific character of drying, which begins from the bed. Remove the onions after the rain and leave to dry for a few days. After that, the fruit is transferred to a dry ventilated room and laid out on a grid, hung from the ceiling or weaving the so-called "braids".

Indicator of good drying - dried roots, necks, rustling scales.

Green and leek is not always possible to find on the shelves in stores in the winter, and suppliers deliberately raise prices for fresh greens. Dried vegetable in advance will deprive of this headache, because you can use the blanks all winter. An important condition for proper drying: before drying, rinse thoroughly and remove damaged areas. In a finely chopped form, the plant dries faster.

Drying methods

Any onions must be prepared and cut before drying.

Ways of drying at home depend on the availability of conditions and the selected plant variety. Holders of specialized household appliances can significantly save time and provide themselves with the maximum amount of fresh seasoning. Not all summer residents have an electric dryer or convection oven at hand, and there is no sense in buying them for one-time use.

Weather conditions do not always allow to dry the crop in the open air, and not everyone can boast of having a barn or a storage room - therefore, alternative ways should be sought. Each of the methods of drying onions has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide how to manage your crop.

In the oven

Onions ready for drying in the oven

This item of household appliances there is at all. Take a baking sheet and lay on it chopped vegetable, pre-washed and dried in the open air. Set the temperature to 40-50 degrees and leave the workpiece to dry for 2-3 hours.

The disadvantage of this method is that the pungent smell of this spice will always remain on the walls of the oven, if it is not washed with a cleaning agent.

Agree, after the bow of the hostess is unlikely to want to bake charlotte.

In the electric dryer

The dryer is the best invention for hostesses. Due to its compactness, the device takes up little space in the kitchen, and the presence of several tiers reduces the time for drying when working with large volumes. For example: the electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux, in the process of work, evenly distributes the hot air, ensuring dehydration of the product.

Onions in the dryer Voltaire 1000 lux

In the device you can dry any kind - bulb, green or leek. The white part of leek is blanched in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, cooled, and only then spread on tiers. Drying temperature should reach 70 degrees.

In the microwave

Drying onions in the microwave is one of the fastest ways.

This is the most efficient and simple home method of drying vegetables and herbs. The vegetable is crushed and spread on a paper napkin, covered with a second napkin, left in the microwave for 3 minutes. With insufficient power or low voltage, the time increases.

In the process of drying in a microwave oven in the product the formation of steam occurs, the pressure of which contributes to the partial removal of liquid from its inner layers.

Despite the advantage of the method, the inconvenience is that it will take a lot of time and energy for large-volume blanks.

In convection oven

Convection oven is a kind of more functional electric dryer. The time spent on drying will be reduced by 4-6 times! Only half an hour at 70 degrees - and you can get fresh, still hot onion, ready to use as a spice. Do not try to increase the temperature, otherwise the green will lose its beneficial properties.

Leek on airgrle

The effect of aerogrill is based on the principle of operation of the fan, which drives hot air and heats the product from above. The advantage of this method lies in its convenience: you can protect the product from the invasion of insects and will control the temperature.

On air

Onions should be cut into rings before drying

This grandmother's way proved to be 100% effective over many decades. At a time when there was no electrical equipment, drying in the open air under the scorching sun always saved. However, a product dried in this way will always contain a small amount of moisture.

Other inconveniences are also obvious: the invasion of insects, the unpredictability of weather conditions, the increase in drying up to several days. Onions, laid out for drying during the day, should be covered at night with a cloth to prevent the formation of morning dew.

How to properly store and use dried onions

Storage of dried onions

Dried onion as a whole can be stored in any conditions: in the basement, pantry, refrigerator. The main thing - to avoid sudden changes in temperature. But the chopped vegetables should be stored in a dry place, preferably in a glass jar.

Dried onions will add piquancy to meat dishes, salads and soups. It is indispensable in the preparation of conservation, it is important in the treatment of certain diseases.

Even in dried form, it does not lose its beneficial properties and allows you to increase the tone, has a bactericidal effect, improves metabolism.

Antiseptic properties of this product can be used in cosmetology for the manufacture of masks for acne and acne.

Experiment and try different ways of drying to find the most comfortable option for you. Having made a sufficient amount of harvesting dried spices, you can use the stocks for any purpose and not worry about its safety: spices can be stored in a dry dark place for several years without losing structure and useful properties.