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Description and characteristics of cucumber varieties Ajax f1


Cucumbers are a very popular vegetable crop whose significance is hard to underestimate. The demand for such a vegetable stimulates breeders to invent innovative varietal varieties.which are becoming more refined. In this review you can get acquainted with one of the new varieties called Ajax, the description and characteristics of which are presented below.

Description and characteristics of Ajax cucumber variety

The variety of Ajax cucumbers is a sample of the selection of the Dutch company Nunems. In 2000, this species was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. The variety has positioned itself as acceptable for growing in home gardens and large farms.. The culture is universal and suitable both for fresh consumption and for processing in the form of canning and pickles.

Cucumbers grade Ajax F1

This culture needs to be pollinated by bees, so it is best to grow it in open areas.

The variety is an open-type indeterminant variety. Bushes powerful, high weaving. The leaves are medium in size, saturated green color, wrinkled. The plant reaches the big sizes therefore skilled gardeners and summer residents recommend to grow up it on a grid, a trellis, or any other support. Without garter bushes will be injured and bear fruit to a much lesser extent..

Culture is genetically predisposed to moderate formation of stepsons.

The fruit is a regular cylindrical shape, hilly, saturated green color with a whitish tip. The size of the vegetables reach no more than 12 cm, and weighing no more than 100 grams. The bitterness is absent. Productivity is high: with normal care, up to 5 kg can be collected from one square meter. juicy fruits. Fruits plants up to the most frost. In terms of ripening Ajax cucumbers early. Culture perfectly tolerates fluctuations in temperature: it is not hampered by either intense heat or significant cooling.

Ajax cucumbers are cylindrical, with large tubercles, dark green, with short light stripes and a whitish tip

Breeders are positioning this variety as very resistant to such common diseases of cucumbers as powdery mildew, mosaic virus, brown spot. Vegetables are stored for a long time and are not predisposed to yellowing. The presentation is excellent, neat cucumbers, the same in size, tolerate transportation.

Advantages and disadvantages

This varietal variety has a number of advantages:

  1. High yield.
  2. Drought tolerance and cold resistance.
  3. Excellent resistance to different diseases.
  4. Long shelf life.
  5. Presentable look and good transportable properties.
  6. Versatility in the use of fruits.
  7. Simplicity in the care.
Ajax is characterized by intense formation of early harvest.

But this variety has its disadvantages. These include:

  1. Limited ability to grow. Not suitable for greenhouse cultivation..
  2. Relatively mediocre taste. Cucumbers have quite acceptable palatability, but for particularly capricious consumers there are varieties of cucumbers, far exceeding the taste of Ajax.
  3. Hard skin fruits.

Landing features

This varietal variety is very picky to the soil. But still to get a good harvest you need to fertilize the soil.. It is best to do this in the fall. To do this, a plot for future planting is well removed from the weeds, then any organic fertilizer is applied (humus, mullein, chicken droppings, peat) and only after that the soil is dug up. If in the fall it was not possible to apply fertilizer, it is not too late to do this in spring.

To grow cucumber quickly and well, the soil must be fertilized.
It is necessary to plant the crop in open soil only after the complete elimination of night frosts. The soil should be well heated and reach a temperature of at least 15-18 degrees.

To speed up the process of warming up the soil you can cover it with agrofibre.

The soil should be moist and fluffed with good breathable features.

For seeds, there are also certain requirements. It is best to buy already prepared glazed seeds. They have already passed the corresponding disinfecting treatment and treatment with growth promoters. If you still purchased unprepared seeds, do not despair, they can be prepared for planting yourself. To do this, first they need to soak in a solution of potassium permanganate, then germinate in wet bags (gauze or cotton) and already germinated seeds must be hardened, keeping them in a moderately cold room. After these manipulations, you can safely proceed to planting plants in the ground.

Germinated Ajax Cucumber Seeds

To do this, the soil must be thoroughly burst and make small holes, moistening them with water. 2-4 seeds are planted in each well, to a depth of no more than 2 cm and sprinkled with fluffy soil. If each seed sprouts, they must be thinned.

To increase the yield, you can fertilize the plant for the duration of the growing season. Organic fertilizers, which should be applied no more than once every 2 - 3 weeks, are perfect for this purpose.

It is strictly forbidden to fertilize cucumbers with chlorine-containing agents.

Any variety of cucumber loves cleanliness, so at all stages of cultivation it is necessary to clean the area from weeds and loosen it.

Watering is also recommended timely. It is impossible to allow both excessive drying of the soil and stagnation of water.which contributes to root rot. It is necessary to water a plant in the evening hours with separated water of room temperature.

Cucumber diseases

Given that Ajax cucumbers can get gray rot, nuisance is prevented by tying

This variety has positioned itself to be very resistant to diseases, but the reviews of gardeners and summer residents show that the plant can still suffer from gray mold. To prevent this, it is necessary to tie up the plant in order to limit it from contact with the soil.


Fruiting varieties Ajax lasts until frost

High crop yields require daily harvest. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the ovary.

Growing a varietal variety of Ajax cucumbers, adhering to the above recommendations, you provide yourself and your loved ones with a great harvest without much effort.