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How to make a planter for garlic do it yourself

Garlic is a common crop for growing in a country house or garden. He is not whimsical, usually gives a good harvest. It's simple, if a small garden is allocated for a vegetable. For processing large areas can not do without a planter for garlic.

What is a garlic planter

Sowing any crop in the garden requires a responsible approach. The end result - the harvest depends on how it happens. At first glance it seems that planting garlic is a completely simple thing it is necessary only at a certain distance from each other, preferably in a straight line to place its cloves in the ground.

Planting garlic seeder

But if the summer resident decided sow the garlic in the spring of bulbohek, to make it already difficult, because they are much smaller. Therefore, for large suburban areas or farms should purchase a seeder.

You can not only buy a planter in the store, but do it yourself, which will be much cheaper.

This agricultural unit is an excellent assistant in the work. It will facilitate manual labor, save time and improve the quality of sowing, as evenly distributes teeth in the area.

Principle of operation

The main task of all the tools and technical devices for the garden or garden is to facilitate the manual labor of the summer resident. The device for garlic planters is designed so that it is convenient and easy to use. The backbone of the product is the frame to which the iron case and its component parts are attached:

  • Star;
  • Chain;
  • Gearbox;
  • Container.
Do-it-yourself garlic seeder

The seeder is equipped with special iron discs that evenly distribute garlic cloves in a single layer. Depending on the model chosen, the equipment can be equipped with one or two wheels.

It is better to give preference to a two-wheeled planter, that as it is more stable.

On the top of the equipment is a special container for laying seed. The coulter makes a furrow to a depth of 15-20 centimeters. Immediately there is a capture of garlic cloves from the container and their uniform immersion in the ground. Some planters are equipped with a container with water, with the help of which the simultaneous watering of seeds is carried out.

Depending on the model, you can simultaneously make four or more rows.

Tasks that the drill must handle:

  • Ensure that they are evenly spaced at equal distances. rows;
  • Uniform distribution of teeth without formation of voids or places of dense seeding;
  • Withstand the right sowing depth.

Benefits of using a homemade garlic planter

The homemade seed drill has the following advantages compared with the similar, but purchased in the store equipment:

Homemade garlic planter
  1. Cheapness. It is possible that the summer resident already has a part of the necessary spare parts, and the purchase of additional parts will not be expensive. Moreover, in self-made units you can always replace a more expensive spare part with a cheaper one;
  2. Convenience. Homemade equipment can always be equipped with any practical fixtures. In this case, it can be one or more containers for laying teeth, a container for irrigation, and the like;
  3. Versatility. This design can be used not only for planting garlic, but also for planting other crops. To do this, you just need to make several removable containers for planting seeds with different holes.

Planter models

Every year new models of planters appear on the market of agricultural machinery. It can be units, both for large farms, and small structures for small suburban areas.

Consider the most popular among farmers models:

To walker

Seeder for garlic to motoblock

Motor-blocks are the irreplaceable equipment widely used in agriculture. As a basis for the planters, you can choose a walker of any domestic manufacturer: Ray, Oka, Bison and others. The advantages of such a planter are in ease of use, since no additional manual labor is required. The disadvantages include the need to purchase fuel for the motoblock.

Buying a planter for motoblock, do not forget about the special mounts or adapters.


Manual garlic planter

Such a device for planting garlic is easier to operate. From the gardener will need manual adjustment, transportation to the site and the application of force for the movement of equipment in the process of sowing. The advantages include efficiency, since there is no need to spend money on fuel. The disadvantages are the big time and power expenses, as compared to the seeder for the walk-behind tractor.

Manual planter is suitable only for small gardens and loose soil.


Four row garlic planter

The peculiarity of this device is the precise planting of garlic cloves in 4 rows. The advantages of technology include ease of use and the ability to use on any soil.

The four-row seeder is suitable for landing of cloves of any diameter. You can also plant garlic bulbs with its help.

How to make a plant for garlic do it yourself

For a person at least a little familiar with the device technology The process of making a manual planter for garlic will not be difficult. Moreover, usually in the home garage there will be all the necessary parts and components. Therefore, this technique will not be very expensive.

Before taking up the work, it is necessary to understand what tasks the planter should perform and draw several working drawings. Then it will be determined with the presence of the necessary parts, to purchase all the necessary and proceed directly to the manufacturing process.

Drawing seeder for motoblock

To create a hand drill, the following parts and mechanisms are needed:

  1. Capacityin which will be prepared garlic cloves;
  2. Rotating shaft;
  3. Special brushes, which will be mounted on the shaft to capture garlic cloves and ensure the uniformity of their distribution in the soil;
  4. Wheel (either two, depending on which drawing, the choice was stopped);
  5. Vomer, for receiving a furrow of necessary depth and width;
  6. Pens, which will hold the design, and sent in the right direction.
To facilitate the work, you can make a planter using any motoblock, then she will move around the site at a certain speed, and the gardener will only need to adjust the direction of movement.

To ensure a uniform fit, The container for cloves should be equipped with a double bottom. A movable plate is inserted into it, in which a hole is made which coincides in diameter with the incoming and outgoing holes. By means of a plate the flow of seeds is regulated.

Each summer resident independently selects the most convenient equipment for work. If there is no cultivation of garlic on an industrial scale, on a vast territory, then the best choice is manual planting, or a self-made seeder. It is easy to operate, economical and versatile.