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Description and characteristics of early varieties of watermelon crimson suite


Having my own plot, I want to try to plant all possible cultures for my climate. The exception was not the watermelon Crimson Suite, which is described below. But to grow it to the desired size and desired taste, you need to know the rules of planting and conditions of care for plantings.

Description and characteristics of the variety of watermelon Crimson Sweet

The watermelon variety Crimson Suite is a common type of sugar berry. Its maturation dates from the moment of landing in the ground are fixed at 70-80 days. These are the indicators that indicate early maturity.

Variety of watermelon Crimson Sweet gives early harvests

Planted culture in May, and begin to collect ripe fruit in late August - early September. The yield of the variety is quite good. Fruits, even in very dry climates.

The appearance of the berry is oblong, but in most cases it grows to a rounded size. The peel of the watermelon is smooth, dull, dark green with stripes of lime tone. If the watermelon grew in favorable conditions, then its weight can vary from 5 kg to 12 kg.

The inner flesh is dense. At maturation takes a rich red color. In the structure of the berries there are practically no transverse veinlets. Cutting a ripe watermelon, its aroma and bursting sides speak for themselves - the taste is excellent, honey.

Watermelon has a high resistance to various diseases, so it is very valuable for planting for sale. Transportation carries well. Stored for a long period of time.

Breeding history and region of growth

This variety of watermelons was bred in France, by breeding. At the moment, his landing involved in many countries of the world.

Watermelon Crimson Sweet grow in any places, but prefer a sunny and well-ventilated place.

This type can grow in any territory. If the terrain has a cool climate, then it is recommended to plant seedlings in greenhouse conditions or under a special shelter. Otherwise, you can not wait for the desired result in the estimated time frame.

The southern regions are more suitable for planting in open ground. In such conditions, you can do without planting on seedlings, and immediately plant the seeds in the soil prepared in advance.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Highlight the positive aspects of the Watermelon Crimsot Suite is not difficult. For a long period of planting and cultivation of this variety according to reviews, the following advantages of the fruit are highlighted:

  1. Resistance to dry weather - grows well and develops in the absence of constant watering;
  2. Good transportability - can be transported over long distances, while neither the inner content nor the outer shell is not subject to change;
  3. Bright external data, taste - high sugar content inside the pulp favorably distinguishes the variety among many similar members of the family;
  4. High yield - about 10 thousand fruit bushes are planted on 1 ha of land, each of which brings at least 3-4 large fruits;
  5. Not susceptible to all sorts of diseases.
Grade Crimson Sweet resistant to the disease, common to all pumpkin, Antaknozu, tolerant to Fusarium
At the same time, not to do without the shortcomings of the variety. First of all, wateriness of taste is noted. This parameter appears at increased watering frequency.

There may be such a drawback, as the fruits are very small in size, but the foliage is rampant. Such sizes of berries and leaf plates are directly dependent on organic fertilizers. Excessive nitrogen fertilization has a negative effect on fruit development., but activates the growth of green plants.

Landing rules

Growing watermelons in this class is possible using two methods: seeds in open ground and sowing seedlings.

When sowing seedlings on seeds can be hardened, adjusting them under different temperature conditions. At the same time, when grown in this way, the ripening of the fruit starts faster for 1-2 weeks than when planted in open ground.

Seeding on seedlings

It is recommended to plant seeds for seedlings in late April - early May.. The soil requires friable, airy, well-permeable to moisture. The depth of the room seed should not exceed 1 cm.

Germinated seeds of watermelon Crimson Sweet for planting seedlings

For quick germination of the first shoots should be made greenhouse conditions. The temperature must be maintained at + 25 ... +300WITH. If there is not enough heat, the first shoots for a long period will not germinate.

When the first shoots appear, it is necessary to gradually reduce the temperature regime to +10 within 10 days.0C. Gradually, the small bush should be hardened, bringing vases with seedlings to fresh air. First for short periods of time, then for up to 5 hours.

Watermelon seedlings in containers

Planted in open ground seedlings need 4 weeks after germination. It is required that the earth warms by 15 degrees, otherwise the root system may die.

In open ground

Planted in open ground is much easier. Fields are sown according to the scheme 2.1 to 2.1 m per 1 hectare of land is placed up to 10 000 seeds. Under good growing conditions, up to 70 tons of finished product can be collected from this area.

Growing conditions

In order for watermelons to grow juicy and fragrant, you must follow some rules:

  1. Irrigation is needed only during flowering and fruit formation.. During maturation, nutrient moisture should not flow to the roots of the plant. Watering rate during active fruit ovary - 3 buckets per 1 m2. Such volumes are optimal for good growth and development of future ripe berries. The frequency of irrigation should be 2 times in 7 days;
As soon as the formation of the fetus begins, fertilizing is stopped, since nitrates and other chemicals may accumulate in the mature watermelons.
  1. Top dressing should be made 2 times during the period of development and growth of fruits. - 14 days after planting seedlings in open ground and at the time of formation of ovaries.
For the first top-dressing, prepare slurry or soaked chicken manure. It is recommended to add potassium chloride and superphosphate to the consistency. In the secondary application of fertilizer need to enter mineral fertilizers.

Breeding methods

Watermelons propagate directly by seed.. Other methods, such as cutting, do not bring results.

Watermelon seeds grade Crimson Sweet

The only possible method of growing watermelons of the Crimson Sweet variety, while preserving maternal qualities and initial taste data, is planting seeds on seedlings or in the ground.

Peculiarities of this variety

Sort Crimson Suite differs from the mass of other types of watermelons by the following features:

  • Differs in the increased quantity sugars in the pulp;
  • When planting in greenhouse conditions for seedlings, the duration of aging is reduced by 10-15 days;
  • Well ripened watermelon under favorable conditions. ranges from 8-9 to 12 kg;
  • Not susceptible most common diseases;
  • Belongs to the genus pumpkin.
Watermelon Crimson Sweet has a juicy gourmet flesh, tender and rich taste and sweet aftertaste

Thus, the berries of this variety can boast a bright taste and rich tone of ripe pulp. Besides, watermelon ripens in a short time just 80 days after planting in open ground. Most importantly, in most cases, a variety is not afraid of harmful insects and diseases of various kinds.

Diseases and pests

In most cases, if the farmer controls the growth and development of his melons and gourds, the occurrence of diseases and the invasion of harmful insects is not terrible for the gardener.

Most often spoil the crop crows. On the territory of the field or in the garden should be installed scarecrow to intimidate all sorts of birds.

There are diseases that affect the fruits of watermelons:

  1. White rot - its appearance is facilitated by increased humidity and frequent changes in weather conditions. There is a stop of growth and development not only of fruits, but of the whole plant as a whole. The fight against the disease is carried out by spraying of copper sulfate;
  2. Black rot - A fungal disease that infects through insects. The affected areas are removed, the soil is weeded and sprayed with chlorine copper;
  3. Mealy dew - the plant is affected by white bloom. Completely uproot and burn. Process the land karatanom;
  4. Anthracnose - brown spots appear on foliage and fruits. It is necessary to weed the soil, and water the plant with Bordeaux essence and cuprozan solution;
  5. Root rot - always present at high humidity and low temperatures. The plant is completely removed.

In order not to produce radical measures to eliminate part of the crop, you need to monitor your own plantings. At the first signs of malaise, need to use insecticides immediately. If all growing conditions are met, then most often there are no diseases.

Thus, the watermelon Crimson Suite is a fragrant, juicy representative of his family. It has a large number of advantages, but it has minor drawbacks.

Before planting seeds should know how to grow seedlings. The main thing during planting - periodic watering and timely fertilizer. Knowing the simple rules for growing such a variety, you can grow a good harvest of delicious berries in your own yard.