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How to plant strawberries under black covering material


Strawberries are the favorite berry of gardeners. Care for strawberries is not easy, in the process there are many difficulties. The berry is attacked by weeds, and it suffers from drought. The solution to the problem is to plant a black covering material. It is very easy to use. Watering strawberries becomes even easier than before.

Why do you need black covering film for strawberries?

Cover canvas, above all, does not allow weeds to grow over the plot. Experienced gardeners know how much weed strawberries cause. They take moisture and nutrients from the soil. To get rid of weeds and forget about weeding, gardeners use nonwoven covering material.

Thanks to its features, it allows air, water and retains the sun's rays. Strawberry bushes planted under the covering fabric well protected from pests. The berries do not rot and always remain clean. Non-woven agrofibre goes to sale under different names.

Regardless of the name, non-woven is divided into types: light, medium and tight. The difference in density. Light canvases to cover the beds during frosts. Bushes are covered with black material, as it perfectly accumulates heat.

Covering material for strawberries is divided into 3 types: light, medium and dense
The service life of a covering film, depending on the density of 4-12 years, then it needs to be changed.

Advantages and disadvantages of using agrofibre when planting and growing berries

Under the black material the berries will not be disturbed by the weeds in the spring. This is due to the mulch film that does not let the sun's rays through. Inside under the film a microclimate favorable for plants is formed.

Main advantages:

  • the soil well ventilated and does not dry out;
  • the soil does not require mulching and loosening;
  • berry under the film forms adventitious roots;
  • antennae practically do not require clipping;
  • under the black material berries ripen faster;
  • the occurrence of diseases and pests is practically excluded.

This method allows you to grow delicious berries with minimal working time. There is no need for weeding, loosening, frequent watering and trimming the whiskers. Weed grass, dying under a covering sheet, acts as an organic fertilizer. If we talk about the shortcomings, they are not detected.

One of the difficult moments is the process of equipping the beds for planting strawberries with a black covering sheet.

Strawberries sprout faster under black film

Species that can be used for mulching

A variety of color solutions for films of different densities are widely represented on the market. Black agrofibre read high-strength shelter to protect the plant from aggressive environmental influences. The composition of non-woven material no toxins and allergens.

Types of black material that can cover the plants can be divided into two types - polyethylene and non-woven.
  1. Tested over the years black polyethylene sold in the form of sleeves and rolls. The thickness of the polyethylene from 0.03 to 0.4 mm. The film copes well with the task, but its strength is enough for 1 season.
  2. Non-woven black material - A great alternative to fragile polyethylene. Externally, the materials have similarities, differences in the composition and method of production. It can also be called spunbond
  3. Produced by from polypropylene fibers, under the influence of high temperatures, the film is in demand in organic farming, it is called agrofibre. It is necessary to lay the right side.

In recent years, gardeners prefer mulching and shelter strawberry beds with black film. 100% ecological covering material protects from hot sun rays. With the help of agrofibre you can cover the plants and get rid of weeds. Strawberries will be provided with favorable conditions for growth.

How to choose material for planting berries

If you choose black plastic film, you should know that it is Absolutely air and watertight. At the time, as agrofibre or spunbond allow watering through the bed. Moisture penetrates the canvas, the soil is enriched with air, receives the necessary amount of heat and light.

All nonwoven spunbod materials have approximately the same properties, their differences are density. Ideal agropolotno density 40-60 g / m2.

Preparation of beds for planting using covering matter

The process of preparing the beds for planting strawberries is as follows:

  1. First prepare the ground - dig up a bed, remove weeds and apply organic fertilizer.
  2. The beds should be raised, bivalved, so it will be easier to fix the canvas.
  3. Spread neatly covering material over the prepared bed. Firmly secure the edges. Sandbags or hairpins that can be made with your own hands are best suited for this purpose.
  4. Lay the fabric so that the waterproof side is on top.
  5. In order for the bushes to grow evenly, to mark the holes, you can take the cord, which is necessary to pull a straight line over the entire length of the bed.
  6. Holes for bushes to do at a distance 25 cm., between rows - 40 cm.
  7. After the sheltered bed is prepared, you can plant strawberry seedlings.
Black fiber has two sides: one protects the soil from the evaporation of moisture, the other - passes water.

Landing under the black covering material

Planting strawberry bushes, gardeners often prefer to do ordinary cruciate cuts. For this purpose you need a sharp knife and gloves. A more painstaking approach requires another option. It is teething with scissors. round holes. The holes should be small, if they are made too large, weeds will go through them.

In each hole you need to plant seedlings, for this purpose you can use a wooden peg. It must be placed in the hole, turn to make a hole. After planting the bed must be plentifully watered. Experienced gardeners put drip irrigation under the film - this is a separate issue.

Strawberry care under spunbond

Growing strawberries under a covering sheet is minimal care. All the difficulties associated with the preparation of the beds. You need to monitor the integrity of the filmso that birds and animals do not damage it. Provide regular watering. To make organic fertilizers. If necessary, trim the antennae. In time to harvest.

Having considered the advantages of this type of cultivation of berries, you can make a choice in favor of covering material. Equipping a garden bed will ensure good strawberry fruit bearing on the plot for several years ahead.